Nothing like the sound of hairburners in the morning

  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Stagecoach, Cheese Curd (Meathead FNG) Brushback, Channel, High Tide, Voodoo, Bull Dog, Alf, Gullah, Ralphie, Probation, Wolfman, Mall Cop (FNG Meathead), The Hoff QIC

Nothing like the sound of hairburners in the morning

14 Meatheads posted today for a little work that would push the boundaries of what is considered normal and what could be labeled as insane…the result, all 14 Pax took the bull by the horns and really impressed YHC today.  Excellent and strong group of men out there today.

The Thang:

Warm up:

SSH x 20

SSH with KB in Left Hand x 10 in cadence

SSH with KB in Right Hand x 10 in cadence

Mountain Climbers Over KB (Slow Cadence) x 20

Gear and Kettle Bells the Perfect Combination: Partner Work:

     – P1 Sprints 75 yards to Kettle Bell Circle  while P2 works station:

– QIC calls out what KB exercise for Pax to do each round

– When P1 gets back, P2 trades off implement and sprints to KB Circle and does work

– Each round Plank until all Pax return and await QIC to call out next KB Exercise for that round

Gear Stations Include:

Fire Hose Run x 100 yards

Weighted Sled Pull x 65 yards

Hariburners x 65 yards

Barbell Clean with Press 115lbs

Ruck 135lbs Sandbag x 80 yards

Side-to-Side Sandbag Squat w. Press (starting point on ground at left, explode up with full press and end on the ground on the right side, flapjack and rinse and repeat)

Rope Pulls – Kettle Bell tied to Rope, hanging 10 feet.  Pull from ground to top over and over

Kettle Bell Exercises:

KB 1 handed swings x 15 each side

KB 1 handed high pull x 15 each side

KB 1 handed snatch x 15 each side

KB 1 handed rack x 15 each side

KB Upright Row x 30

KB 1 handed overhead press x 15 each side

Kettle Bell 2 handed swing x 50

NASCAR Hairburner RACE

     – Pax forms up a Huge Circle and brings bells

     – 4 Pax line up on the inside of the circle single-file and performs race with Hairburners NASCAR style within the Loop

     – Rest of the Pax performs Mary exercises until 4 Pax come back and trade plates off to the nex 4 Pax

     – Rinse and Repeat x 4 rounds

Exercises: LBC’s x 2, Flutter and Dolly



This workout was Varsity level and everyone killed it today!  The mix of Kettle Bell, Gear and Cardio was a receipe that really pushed the Pax to dig deep and simply move weight. 

As it was so dark, it was tough for YHC to see and point out individual performances.  Normally I’d have more to post in the Moleskin, however relying on the teams to comment below about what they whitnessed today.

Again, thank you for posting with us and it is an honor to lead such a strong group of men.

Respectfully, The Hoff

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9 years ago

Nice Q Hoff. Not really sure why anyone has a 135lb sandbag they lug around with them. It was sand in their and not a body right? Good news is the back end of your car won’t slide out in the rain and snow with that thing weighing you down.

9 years ago

Great Q Hoff! Really enjoyed the variety and challenging stations and getting the opportunity to do some heavy lifting!

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