The perfect Rock-Webb

  • When:10/29/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Puppy Love, Skywalker, Boomer Sooner, O-fer, Heartbreaker, Strawberry, Long Haul, Sequin Glove, Chipotle, Yogurt and Pop

The perfect Rock-Webb

The Thang’

11 men converged upon Stonecrest for a glimpse of my tights. Well since it was 66 degrees all they got was another angry Q workout.

So 12 men set out, we moseyed past the movie theatre, past the drive through window at Wendy’s to avoid the leaf blower guy.

  • SSH x50 (in cadence)
  • Burpees x20 (OYO)
  • IW x25 (in cadence)
  • Burpees x15 (OYO)
  • Mountain Climbers x20 (in cadence)
  • Burpees x10 (OYO)
  • Nipplers x20 (in cadence)
  • Burpees x5 (OYO)
  • Mosey past chick-fil-a to Starbucks grab a low wall
  • 2 Rounds of Dirkens
  • Round 1
  • x20 Dirkens – Hold plank until all are complete immediately go into Round 2
  • x15 Dirkens

Mosey across Johnson Rd to St. Mathews Catholic Church 

  • 5 min wall sit with arm raises x150 (in cadence)

Mosey to rock pile, the perfect ‘Rock’ Webb 

  • 1 Mirken x 4 Arm Raises w/Rock 
  • 2 Mirkens x 8 Arm Raises w/Rock 
  • 3 Mirkens x 12 Arm Raises w/Rock 
  • Continue until Failure..

Mosey back through parking stop at each speed ‘hump’ for 20 Mirkens at each speed ‘hump’ Total Mirken count 100.

Line up and run suicides in front of Movie Theater.


Naked Mole Skin:

  • A number of Area 51 PAX will be heading up to Greensboro to help support their new workout which launched a few weeks back.  If interested in joining the Clown car please reach out to Skywalk_F3 on Twitter. Wheels up on Nov. 15
  • Calling all those men looking to step-up, it’s time to Q! Please see your site Q  (Mic Check)


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9 years ago

Strong lead this morning Run Stopper. The Rock Stopper was a nice play on your signature exercise!

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