Animals Never Moved So Slow

  • When:10/25/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Swiss Miss, Winterplace, Big League Chew, Ralphie, Wolfman, Mighty Mite, Dr. Love, The Hoff (QIC)

Animals Never Moved So Slow

Twas the beginning of a long season of swinging cold iron as 8 Pain-Seekers gathered at Olympus.  MIghty Mite said it well right before the start.  “This reminds me of the first day at Olympus”….as it was a brisk 41 degrees and reminiscent of that cold, first day.

The Thang:

Warm up:

SSH x 15

Run around track, alternating between sideways running, high knees and backwards running.

Goblet Squats x 15

Iron Mile: Hairburners…Here we go again

– Teams of 2

– Each team alternates pushing the plate around the track

– When P1 falls over in exhaustion, P2 takes over, P1 then jogs behind

– Rinse and Repeat x 3 Laps

Extraction: Tribute to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo of the Canadian Army Reserves

– Nathan was killed on Oct. 23rd this week defending an ISIS attack in Ottawa

– Break into 2 teams of 4

– Team 1 Carries Polled Stretcher around track

– Loaded on polled stretcher is the average weight of a fallen soldier

– 135lbs, 65lbs, and 40lbs sandbags = Total weight 240lbs

– Average soldier weighs 180lbs, with 60lbs of gear

– Team 2 performs KB exercises non-stop

– Exercises included: KB Burpee Squat Thrusts, Flutter, Dolly, Tricep extensions

– T1 passes off polled litter to T2

– Rinse and Repeat for 4 rounds

Kettle Bell COP: For Time Cross Fit Style

KB Swings x 5, Merkins x 5, LBC’s x 5

KB Swings x 10, Merkins x 10, LBC’s x 10

KB Swings x 15, Merkins x 15, LBC’s x 15

KB Swings x 20, Merkins x 20, LBC’s x 20

KB Swings x 25, Merkins x 25, LBC’s x 25

KB Swings x 30, Merkins x 30, LBC’s x 30

Animal Lap Around Track

Bunny Hop

Burpee/ Frog Jump

Duck Walk

Crab Walk



It was a change of pace from all the gear today, and each guy gave 100%.  Shot out to Swiss Miss and Might Mite who were owning the plate pushes!  Also Might Mite might actually be an animal as he was the first to finish all the animal movements #mutantwolverine

T-Claps to Dr. Love who came out for the second time to Olympus and F3 and we hope to see you more and more.  He is already at high level of fitness and literally walked in off the street and killing it #goodfitHL

Thank you to all the men that posted with us today.  You guys are what makes being a Q so rewarding as each person embraced the suck with a smile on their face.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope to see you soon.

Respectfully, The Hoff

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