Pyramid, Plateau, or Raw Grind

  • When:10/23/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Frasier, Radar, TR, The Mouth, Bratwurst, Haggis, Tootie (cotters), Mall Cop, Long Haul, Stump Hugger, Brisket, Soft Pretzel, Mighty Mite, Thurston, Wolfman, Honey Bee (QiC)

Pyramid, Plateau, or Raw Grind

16 men answered the call and showed up for hill day at Devil’s Turn.  To mix things up, there was a new challenge extended which was to start and end the workout at “easy” pace and build up to a peak of “threshold” pace for 1 mile in the middle.

With our newly established baseline 1-mile race times from Tuesday, the calculation should have been easy.  The pain comes in the execution of this plan.  The PAX found that holding a consistent pace through hills is challenging enough, but then trying to vary speed adds another layer of complexity to the equation. All the ciphering made the time pass quickly though.

On the warm-up apartment loop, Mall Cop played some superman and tried his hand at flying.  As expected though, this did not turn out well and he now has 3 ripe strawberries on his leg.  Lesson: the sidewalks of Piper Glen are dangerous places.  Headlamps are advised or perhaps run in a constant high knees scenario.  It does seem like someone is planning on doing something about the sidewalks at some point since there are now white X’s on the side walk around the cracks.  We can only hope.  Apply that Neosporin liberally Mall Cop!

TR was beasting it out there today.  Coming off his dominant performance in the 1-mile time trial, he was ready to party.  Impressive.

There were many out there pushing the pace today.  The dark and O2 deprivation makes it hard to make out the shadowy figures, but some noted were Brat, Frasier, Haggis, TR, Soft Pretzel, Thurston, The Mouth, Brisket, etc.  Really everyone looked like they put in the work today in the COT.  Great work brothers.

Next week is track day at DT.


– Haggis would like to invite you to run 18 to 22 miles with him on Tuesday morning starting at 5:15am.  Email him if you are interested.  ….insert cricket noises here…

– Donate used athletic shoes at your favorite weekly workout in the next two weeks.  There is a Q assigned to each location.

– The Brave starts at 5:15 Friday at The Vine restaurant in Ballantyne – Mighty Mite on Q


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