#F3MarvinRidge – Starting a #Dromedary

  • When:10/22/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Probation, Soft Pretzel, Strawberry, Radar, Abacus, Chanel, Bananas, Brown, Heart Breaker, Mr. Bean, Bratwurst

#F3MarvinRidge – Starting a #Dromedary

12 of #F3Area51’s finest PAX took to the new AO at Marvin Ridge HS/MS on Wednesday morning.  As this is an official #bootcamp, work needs to begin on the #ShovelFlag.  As for now, the #VSF was planted.

Here’s the THANG:

  • Mosey to the Middle School track infield.
    • SSH x 20 IC
    • Imperial Walkers x20 IC
    • Good Mornings x 20 IC
    • Hand Release Merkins x 20 (single count) IC
  • Short Mosey to the Middle School “picnic” area and courtyard.  Partner Up
    • P1 – 5 Jump Ups onto , P2 – 5 Mountain Climbers (4 steps = 1) and plank until P1 done; Flapjack
    • Repeato up to 10, then 15, 10 , 5
  • Extended Mosey to front of Middle School by Wall
    • P1 – Get over 5ft wall, run up drive, around flagpole, and back to wall; P2 – Start Team count of 100 HR Merkins.  Flapjack.  Repeato until 100 HR Merkins (or each PAX does 2 laps)
    • P1 – Run Lap; P2 – Squats until P1 returns.  Flapjack. Repeato until each PAX does 2 laps.
    • P1 – Run Lap; P2 – Low squat hold (sort of like doing #2 in the wide open woods).  Flapjack. Repeato until each PAX does 2 laps.
  • Mosey to Football practice field
    • P1 – Squat jump shuttle run.  5 @ 10yards, 10 @ 20 yards;  P2 – Parker Peters.  Flapjack.  Repeato
  • Indian Run back to COT
  • 6 MOM in cadence
    • Dolly, LBC, Flutter, Rosalita, Freddy Mercury, Mason Twists
  • 1 minute to go – 15 Burpees OYO


  • Objective today was to introduce many existing PAX to the Marvin Ridge AO and show off some features, keep it simple (because it was a #VQ), and test out some exercises that are FNG friendly for next week’s full launch.  We only scratched the surface of the AO and barely used 1/3 of the space and few of the features.  Still untapped territory.
  • Tiger Rag made his way down south of I-485 for the 2nd day in a row.  This was a little further, but it’s actually not that far.  Just ask most of the PAX there today, who live within a 5 mile radius, it’s not that far out there – why else would they live there?
  • There are a lot of PAX and potential PAX surrounding this AO.  Apparently, Mr. Bean and Soft Pretzel live so close that they actually ran there.  No sidewalks, so wear blinkies if you are going to run in.
  • YHC met a ton of new PAX today that live right around the corner.  Proves how F3 has grown (and how little we break our routines sometimes).  Another buddy told me that he lives in a neighborhood nearby (Barrington) and sees at least two F3 stickers on cars there.  Don’t know who those guys are yet, but they are sure to help spread the word.
  • #Dromedary – a 1 hump camel.  We work out on a #humpday, you can ride it (like the MRHS/MRMS Mavericks mascot), and it’s quirky enough to past the test of relevancy.  Not exactly a Wild West or Top Gun theme, but this AO will have plenty of opportunities for naming other workouts in the future.



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9 years ago

And the dromedary lives in Egypt and so do we…

Mr. Bean
9 years ago

Great location, good workout and the alarm is preset for next Wednesday 5.10am.

9 years ago

If you are not going to name the workout F3/MeatFruit, going with an even-toed ungulate is not a bad fallback. Lots of branding opportunities there. Beware to the first guy who wears tights sans loin cloth….I’m just sayin’.

Good job keeping on the down low on the soft launch. I’d say only 25 of the 50 drivers saw us Indigenous People Run through the bus lot.

9 years ago

My experience is that #phenomenon does not occur at #F3 workouts based on the premise of for all men.

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