Thar be PAX on them thar hills

  • When:10/17/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Countertop, The Late Show, Spielberg, Turnpike, Glass Joe (QIC), Hair Band, Donut Hole, Zip-A-Dee

Thar be PAX on them thar hills

Posted on behalf of Glass Joe…

8 pax turned out for an almost perfect (temperature wise) morning at Overdrive.

The Thang!
Two quick “Hair Band Miles” around the parking lot (not to be confused with two quick miles) and circle up!

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Flutters x 20
Dolly x 15

The Pax mosey to the bottom of the hill for a little modified Jacob’s Ladder work.
Round 1:
Run to the top for 10 burpees and run back down for 1 merkin. Decrease burpees by 1 each run up and increase merkins by 1 each run down for a finish of 1 burpee and 10 merkins. Plank when finished.
Round 2:
Run backwards up the hill for 10 hold ’em three second LBCs at the top and 6 inch leg lifts that increase in time by 5 seconds at the bottom. Finished with 5 hold ’em three second LBCs at the top and a 40 second 6 inch leg lift hold at the bottom. Plank when finished.
The pax were looking a little gassed so let’s do another “Hair Band mile” for recovery.
Round 3:
Back to the hill we go. This time, bear crawls up the hill from the bottom to the sidewalk at the top. 10 slow squats at the top and then run back down the hill. Decrease by 1 in the number of squats at the top after each crawl up. This seemed to be a real crowd pleaser but all fun things must come to an end so we planked after 5 to gather everyone together.
Another “Hair Band Mile” recovery run.

Oh look, there is a minute left….
Dolly x 20
Recover and done!

As always gentlemen, enjoyed our time together in the gloom this morning with a strong showing by all.
In my normal empathetic mode, I got there early to put some orange cones in potential ankle breaking holes on the Sun Valley Hill. Ends up we didn’t even use that section. #safetyfirstfail
Glad to see Donut Hole join us for Overdrive.
Apology for my exuberance in cadence at the beginning during SSH followed by an awkwardly slow cadence for IW. Just needed to get on my six to get in rhythm. #notsurewhatthatsaysaboutme #leaveitalone
Thanks to Hair Band for taking us out at the end.

– Bratwurst will launch a new workout on Wednesday October 29th at Marvin Ridge, details being finalized. Let’s plan to support the launch if you can make it.
– Ice 9 & Snowflake will be launching a Saturday workout November 15th in the Weddington/Wesley Chapel area, details also being finalized. Might do a Union County convergence to support the launch.
– We are collecting any extra tennis shoes you have. (Sneakers for us Yankees – HB)
– Hopewell Baptist 5K is this Sunday. Drop Thrill and Glass Joe have signed up. Donut Hole is um, attending but not signed up yet. Double E is attempting to get back from his 200 mile bike ride in time for it. Would love some more pax to attend if you can make it. It’s at 6 pm. Link if you want to sign up or need details:

I might be the first to get knocked out but I kept getting back up. #lifelesson
Glass Joe
(No giving up, no retiring!)

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