The Elusive Ghost of Lon Chaney, Jr.

  • When:10/16/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee in absentia
  • The PAX: MallCop, Outback, Stumphugger, Tiger Rag, Fletch, Haggis, Turkey Leg, Thurston, Hops, Champagne, The Mouth, Hairball, O' Tannenbaum...........................Wolfman (LIFO)

The Elusive Ghost of Lon Chaney, Jr.

No SF was planted, perhaps someone planted the VSF….and after a minute or two of waiting for Honey Bee to arrive (he never did), 13 pax launched into another edition of Devil’s Turn.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

The fellowship pace was good…and then the 10k pace kicked in after a one-mile warmup; and TL, Haggis, TR and Fletch took off in a hurry heading for SCMS for some track work.

At the track, most of us were lapped by TL and Haggis.  Fletch joined in after a few laps, and before dusting YHC, he expressed his thankfulness that the good folks of SCMS leave the bathroom unlocked.

Not too much to report from the track other than Haggis mistook me for TL as he was passing me.  Not sure which one of us should take more offense at that?

Also, Champagne wants all pax to beware of the bricks on the outer lane of the track.  He about broke his foot this morning.  Actually there are no lanes on the track.  Apparently SCMS/CMS didn’t budget for paint on the track.

Hadn’t run that distance – most pax ran between 5.5 and 7.5 miles – since the BRR.  It’s not like riding a bicycle.  Yikes.

One further note to address the title of this backblast:  I’ve posted at DT 10-12 times roughly.  I’ve yet to actually see Wolfman post.  He gives stronger meaning to the LIFO title with each passing post.  He’s listed among the pax based on MallCop & The Mouth attesting to his presence.  #comeonman

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9 years ago

I should probably be clear – actually didn’t hurt my foot, but hitting a brick full stride in the dark will get your attention real quick – almost did a face-plant. Great effort by everyone out there today – DT puts you in the pain cave and you stay there the entire hour.

The Mouth
The Mouth
9 years ago

Hops obviously still doesn’t believe that wolfman posted… Since he would have been #14

9 years ago

It was dark and I was desperate to catch Turkey Leg. Finally caught up with him on the home stretch, in stealth mode. Got past him for about 15 seconds till he decided the back of my head is even more offensive than TR’s and decided to wipe the floor with me. Oh well, it was fun for a very short while..

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