Bricks are HEAVY

  • When:10/16/14
  • QIC: Chelms aka Tater Tot
  • The PAX: Chelms, Plug, Runstopper, Joker, Leroy, Floor Slapper, Lazy Boy, Iron Horse (WD), Harley, Red Rocks, Skywalker, Gecko, Tackling Dummy, Huggy Bear, Beaver, Chico - left one out (bad audio on the video - shout out below for credit)

Bricks are HEAVY

17 of South Charlotte’s finest ignored of the call of the fartsack and gathered in the gloom for some brick work.

The Thang – Grab two bricks from Q’s truck and head out


  • SSH X20
  • Squats X20
  • Man maker merkins X20
  • John Travolta (with brick) X10 each arm

Ladder of burpees and push presses – 1-5 burpees and 5-25 push presses

Mosey to baseball field for 9 “innings” – half group runs a lap around outfield and half perform called exercise

  1. Man maker merkins
  2. Freddy Mercury
  3. Turkish get-ups
  4. One legged squats
  5. One legged squats – opposite leg
  6. Squats
  7. Joker call – low flutter?
  8. RS call – six inches (what?)
  9. Burpees (group two conveniently did not hear me _ I think)

Mosey to playground for another ladder – 1-5 pull ups and 5-25 push presses

Mosey to field for final ladder – 5-10-15-10-5 man maker merkins with sprint down and back in between

COP – 3MOM with low dolly, Rosalita, and something else (I think)

Naked Moleskin

Someone got it right when they noted how heavy those little pavers can be after a few push presses.  Q was disappointed no one else (Joker particularly) grabbed the other “special” F3 brick.  Joker was Larry Bird all morning so I’ll make sure he gets a special brick next time.

Good push by the entire PAX as running with 2 bricks is harder than you might think by just looking at those innocent looking things in the trunk.


All sites are gatheing old shoes for Charlotte Rescue Mission.  I have not been to Saturday am workout there (9am) but Rev Florida swears it is special. Check out web site for past backblasts

Tutoring has started up so contact me if interested (

As alwasy, it is a privilege to lead such a great group.  I highly recommend it for anyone that has not yet led.   Don’t worry, few Q’s have more fails then me.


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9 years ago

When I first picked up the “skinny bricks” they felt like little trinkets that you could just put in your pocket and go on with your day. But after spending 45 minutes with those smooth little pavers I developed a love-hate relationship. Could feel the burn after the man makers, shoulder presses and John Travoltas. Great mix of strength-cardio out there today. And loved seeing Chelms roll in at 5:29AM, drive over top of RunStoppers sweatshirt [which of course was on the ground, because we all know that Runstopper isn’t afraid to shed layers at any time].

9 years ago

Holy bricks Chelms! It’s awesome to mix things up and the bricks are a hydra first. I see joker especially liked them. Some great pax names I see in attendance today. Good job fellas! Q Running over stoppers sweatshirt is classic. Did he pick up the vehicle so he could get his sweatshirt back? I’ll be back to regular action next week and look forward to running around the OP AO again.

I am shoe Q for Hydra and need pax to bring old shoes. Your mission – 1 pair of shoes to Hydra. Goal: 20 pairs!

Next up next week – Stage Coach!

9 years ago

Again, thanks Chelms for filling in. You stepped in and “rocked”. No pun intended. I mean there is no bricking way I would joke around.

9 years ago

Glad we stayed on campus vs weaving through the trails into Olde Providence. Workout was a good one.

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