Trips for Kids – Round 4

  • When:10/11/14
  • QIC: Farside
  • The PAX: Farside, Frasier, Abacus, Dennis the Menace (2.0), and Chelms

Trips for Kids – Round 4

Four members of the PAX and 12 (or so) kids met at Francis Beatty park for another morning of mountain bike riding with Trips for Kids and kids from the Bull Dogs Matters program.    Several loops around the partk and #10,000 fails demo by Chelms made for a great morning.    The pax encourged the kids to challenge themselves on some harder trails and all responded.   It was great to witness their laughter and thrill as they mastered some of the more difficult areas.

Farside once again met the kids and program director and helped get them to the park.  He is great with the kids and constantly encourages them to push harder.

Frasier demonstrated his mastery of bike maintenance and helped Chelms get back on the course after a flat tire so he could promplty wreck on the jump at Alligator alley.  No ambulence was needed and the wounds will quickly heal #oldmencantjumpwithbikes.

Next ride will be in the spring.


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