“Royal” Treatment at The Rock

  • When:10/11/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Flipper, Deep Dish, Passport, Deadlift, Nature Boy, Jamboree (WD), Spandex, Runstopper (LIFO), Sweetness (LIFO, WB), Hoodie (LIFO), FNG d-Con (C Chandler), Hops

“Royal” Treatment at The Rock

With The Rock’s new SF (thanks to Strange Brew for making it) planted, 9….wait 10…no 11….now 12 pax launched another assault at Area 51’s best AO. Thang: Run toward the church, circling back to pick up Hoodie, Runstopper and Sweetness.  YHC thought his watch was fast, but no – we just had 3 LIFO recipients this morning.  We then continued on to the lot closest to Entrance 4. COP: 33 SSHs 13 H-R Merkins 35 Squats 14 CDDs 23x Freddy Mercury 16 Groiners Lunge walk down hill at entrance 4.  Bearcrawl up. Backwards lunge walk down hill.  Backwards bearcrawl up. Plankorama. Jog to baseball field and grab a rock. Run to homeplate with rock overhead. Run to 1st base w/rock overhead, 20 overhead presses with rock. Run to 2nd base w/rock overhead, 29 curls Run to 3rd base w/rock overhead, 8 Turkish get-ups with rocks (thanks to Runstopper for the demo) 13 slow squats w/rock Drop rocks. Indian Run to bottom of North Face. Partner up. Run up NF. Partner 1 runs the NF circuit. Partner 2 Jump Squats. Flapjack. Partner 1 runs circuit. Partner 2 – 6 inch leg hold.  Flapjack. Partner 1 runs circuit.  Partner 2 – Christian Laettner plank.  Flapjack. Run around front of church to the gym. People’s Chair with arms out front. 29 overhead press while still in chair. Mosey to turf hill in front of gym. Makthar Ndijaye x 13 while facing downhill Flutter x 13 downhill.  Flutter x 13 uphill. LBC x 13 downhill.  LBC x 13 uphill. Run back towards launch lot. On entry road – karaoke right 70 yards; karaoke left 70 yards. Jog back to launch lot Dolly x 13 Knee-Up x 8 CCV R x 13; CCV L x 13 COT Ye Olde Moleskine: Started well today even with the triumvirate of LIFO’s. Special welcome to d-Con, our FNG EH’d by Nature Boy.  Unfortunately, our FNG laid down in a fireant hill during the Turkish get-ups.  Come back nonetheless brother. Thanks again to Runstopper for the Turkish get-up demo – Q was struggling a bit on that one. Strong work by the pax this morning as we made our way around a good bit of The Rock campus. T-claps to our WD Jamboree for running 7-8 miles roundtrip from his home to post.  #oldmanstrong The “Royal” reference was due to YHC’s beloved Kansas City Royals’ postseason run.  The numbers of exercises in most instances corresponded to uniform #’s of some of my favorite players, present and past. That’s it and that’s all sports fans.  Go Royals.  Take the Crown!

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