Centurian PAX Push Hard for 45

  • When:10/10/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Sunrise, Steinbrenner, Smash, Cane, Grease Monkey, Morning Star, Abacus (KB), Brushback (KB), Sacagewea, Bushwood, Hannibal, Freud (WB), Red Rocks, Puff, Rip Curl, Big Tuna, Scabby, Whiplash, Probation, Checkpoint (WD-KB), Mermaid (QIC/KB)

Centurian PAX Push Hard for 45

21 men assembled for some exercise on a Friday morning at CCHS.  4 arrived early to swing some bells.  Virtual shovel flag planted as Escargot is on the mend.  Chelms absent due to a traveling M.  Disclaimer given to include questions about allergies and medical conditions, as well as the usual.



SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Hold plank/6 inches hold/10 merkins

Mosey to north end of football field.

5 Lap Set

Start with 15 Jump Squat

Run halfway around football field and stop after the hill.  30 LBC

Run back to start.  Repeat x 4.

Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  RAH/RLH/flapjack/RAF/LLH/flapjack

Merkin Set

Sets of 10 in civilian cadence.  Regular/Diamond/Wide

Mosey across 51 to parking lot above Jack-In-Box

Plank into Merkin Set

Sets of 10 in civilian cadence.  Regular/Offset Right/Offset Left/ Wide

Mosey to Palatine Hill.  Approached PH from back and ran up and over


Heels to Heaven x 30 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Protractor with three consecutive 10-counts at 45 degrees

Dolly x 15 IC

Mosey back to Jack-In-Box parking lot

SSH x 25 IC

Mosey across 51 to picnic tables on CCHS campus

Bench Set

15 Jump-Ups/15 derkins/15 dips/Plank

Mosey to Rock Pile and grab exercise rock.

Rock Set

Sets of 20 in civilian cadence.  Curls/Tricep Extension/Overhead Press/CDD/Overhead Press/Tricep Extension/Curls.  Drop Rock.

Mosey down to launch lot.  Line up along lot.


AYG sprint to last light (approx 60 yards) and back x3 with called exercises at each end for reps 1 and 2.  1: Squat x 15/Burpee x 10.  2: LBC x 30/Merkin x 20.  3: AYG down/back

Finish with 20 Merkin OYO.  COT


The fall weather makes for great conditions for the work we do.  Strong group of men this morning to cover 2.66 total miles.  T-claps to Cane for collecting data.  Sacagewea, Checkpoint, Bushwood, Hannibal were pushing the 5 lap set pace with Sacagewea taking ownership.  Strong work by all pax on this set.  Welcome to Grease Monkey who completed his 2nd F3 workout and was site FNG.  Welcome back to Sunrise.  3 weeks on the couch with a broken toe.  Glad to have you back brother.  Been missing the mumblechatter.   Several members of the pax demonstrated blazing speed on the sprints.  Too many Larry Birds to remember.  Brushback was flying as he noted he was trying to keep up with Sacagewea.  YHC took group out in BOM.  A pleasure and privilege, as always, to lead at Centurian.

Congrats to Checkpoint.  Not only does he always push the pace in workouts at 53 years of age, his F3 Metro Mud Run team finished #12 overall.  Respect.


12K obstacle race at Whitewater Center tomorrow (10/11/2014) at 9:00.  Checkpoint can provide further information.

Trips for Kids tomorrow 0900-1200 at Col. Francis Beatty Park.  Farside on Q.  Will not ride if raining.

Please see weekly email and website for further information.




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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Centurion in good hands (maybe better) when site Q’s are out. Great job leading.

9 years ago

Hate missing it. Ankle is healing quickly, hope to be back in the gloom very soon.


9 years ago

Strong Q Mermaid! Enjoyed the smokefest. Great combo of cardio and strength training, and it was always moving. I echo the sentiment on Checkpoint; true example of fit for life. And all you can say is Sacagawea is a beast. Keep posting and helping to push the pax. We’re all getting stronger day by day.

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