Modify, modify, modify

  • When:10/09/2014
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: Freedom, Dunder, White Snake, Sensei, Dora, Dumpster Fire(FNG - see moleskin), Geraldo, Crabcake, Insomniac, Horse Head,

Modify, modify, modify

10 seasoned PAX and one FNG gathered in the gloom to savor a moderate intensity beatdown, Swiss style.

Mosey to back bus lot
SSH – 20 IC
IW – 20 IC
Merkins – 10 IC
Squats – 15 IC
8-count Manmakers – 10 IC

The main thang:
Mosey to church parking lot and partner up
Partner 1 starts called exercise while Partner 2 goes to top of lot (long side).
1-Manmaker, 2-run to top of lot closest to back of church / Total partner count = 50
1-LBC, 2-lunge walk half-way and back / 100 total
1-CDD, 2-backpeddle to top and run back / 50 total
1-Freddy Mercury, 2-crabwalk to first lamppost and back / 200 total (each side is “1”)
Mosey to back lot.
Plank-walk to the left on curb ~ 10 yrds

Mosey to pull-up station
5 jump up and hold for 5 count and 5 count descent with 10-count in low squat position between each
Mosey to back lot and plank-walk to the right ~ 10 yrds

Mosey to theater entrance
7’s: 1 JumpSquat + 6 dips, 2+5, etc

Mosey to cars
Dolly – 15 IC
Russian Twist – 10 IC
Flutter – 15 IC
Mosey to cars
Protractor: each Pax calls a degree and hold for 10 count



One FNG fought the lure of the fartsack, and braved his first F3 beatdown solo – EH applied remotely by brother-in-law Costco from Raleigh.  T-claps to newest member of the F3 Nation: Dumpster Fire, f.k.a. “Biff” (Post-workout renaming based on late-breaking intel and a name that proved too good to pass up.)

YHC wasn’t sure if Geraldo’s count was intentionally skipping ahead to shorten the COP, or he was just helping keep the mood light.  Fortunately, enough of the PAX kept the right count so YHC could call a halt at the planned count.

Outstanding effort by all: definite iron sharpening out there this morning.  T-claps to the men on IR who had the courage to post anyway, and the wisdom to modify extensively to avoid re-injury. Mumblechatter duly noted.

Great take out from Insomniac.
Thank you for the honor of leading.


Two new workouts launch tomorrow morning: at Ballantyne and at SunValley.  Do not post at your usual Friday AO, but help your brothers make these expansions a success.

Hold the date: January 10.  Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run: double down with workout followed by 5K fun run to raise money for the foundation established in memory of Rock Thrill’s brother.


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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

What is this, Swiss Miss Q Week?

I fartsacked in favor of Overdrive tomorrow and Outland the next day. lol

Welcome Dumpster Fire! Hope you stick around for more fun.

9 years ago

Nice job Swiss Miss! My inability to count reared its head again.

9 years ago

I scour the depths of my useless trivia banks to come up with Biff, and this is what I get? At least post the Dumpster Fire story as a token. Must be a good one, and hopefully embarrassing.

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