• When:10/6/2014
  • QIC: Mighty Mite
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Frehley's Comet, Icky Shuffle, Rip Curl, Wingman, Lugee, MM.


7 men gathered at the Foxhole on Fall’s first brisk morning for an early week downPAINment.

Mosey to the lower parking lot for a warm-up COP.

SSH X 25

Lap around the parking lot.

IW X 25

Lap around the parking lot.

Low Slow Squats X 15

Lap around the parking lot.

Side lunges X 10

Mosey to the Ring of Fire for the main event.

Two handed swings X 41

Upright row X 41

One handed swings X 41

Goblet curls X 41

Flutter kicks X 41

Bent over rows X 41

Burpees X 41

Dead lifts X 41

Heels to Heaven X 41

Mosey back to launch

Bell BCs X 41


Announcements:  New obstacle themed workout on Fridays(Brave).  Meets at the Vine Restaurants(same spot as Bagpipe, Swift, and Stonehenge).  Madame and Champagne on Q.

Moleskine:  Why 41?  YHC was still sore from the beating that the Wolfpack took in Death Valley on Saturday and wanted to exercise(intentional misspelling) his demons.  Oddly enough, 5 of the 7 pax were either NC State(MM, Wingman, Luggee) or Clemson(TR and FC) alums.

Some of the pax were a little disappointed that there was no kettlebell work until 15 mins into the workout.

It’s always an honor to lead such a great group of men.  I’ll do better the next time.

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