A Good One!

  • When:10/03/14
  • QIC: Lobster Roll
  • The PAX: Baracus, Cheese Curd, Blue Rhino, Lobster Roll (QIC)

A Good One!


  1. Lightly butter the insides of the buns or rolls and line with lettuce leaves. Set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, stir together the mayonnaise, lime juice, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper until well blended. Mix in the green onion and celery, then lightly mix in the lobster so it just gets coated without falling apart.
  3. Stuff the lobster filling into the buns and sprinkle parsley, basil or tarragon lightly over the filling.

The Thang:

Run to the track and jog one lap.  Circle at mid-field

25X – SSH

25X (OYO) Merkins

25X – IW

25x (OYO) Wide-Arm Merkin

25X – Squats

25X –(OYO) Diamond Merkins

25X Mountain Climbers

25X – (OYO) Carolina Dry Docks

Slow Jog to base of Grand Mother Mountain

11s – Burpees & Decline Merkins

Plank Series & 100 LBC

Jog up Grand Mother Mountain to the playground

11s – Burpees & Pull-ups

Plank & 50 flutters & 50 Dollies

Jog to lower playground

2 Pax doing 30X dips while the other 2 PAX do burpees


Jail break back to launch

35 secs of LBCs — using every available second!!


See weekly email for convergence tomorrow

Good luck to all mud runners!

Great job out there fellas!!

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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Lobster Rolls posts a workout like he does it, fast and to the point. No messing with this q, he was in and out, leaving the 3 of us smoked!

Who calls 11’s on G-mother Mtn with burpees….evil! And he lapped us…with only 4 guys, hard not to notice!

I believe he has area 51 tomorrow, be warned, he likes burpees. I wish I had that knowledge before today’s post! Strong work Lobster Roll!

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