Fast and Furious Tempo

  • When:10/02/14
  • QIC: Honey bee
  • The PAX: Can't type on this thing. 10 bad a's.

Fast and Furious Tempo

The morning was cool and 10 men answered the call to execute a fast and furious tempo run to S. CLT middle school and back.

2 (TR and Brisket) used the run as a shake out prior to the mud run on Saturday. By the amount of rolling that was going on in the back of TR’s car prior to the run, I feel that a shake, rattle, and roll joke would be good here. Maybe rattley old bones? #wardaddy

It was nice to talk with Thurston and Lex Luther on the run out to the track. Those guys are beasts.

Marvel and Stone Cold are becoming more frequent members of the DT clan. Great to have you brothers.

Mall Cop took a break from work to work in a little running. We are glad for that. Wolfman was officially spotted prior to leaving. The man, the myth, the legend.

Great run everybody!

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