Borrowed Gifts

  • When:10/02/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Freud, Boomer Sooner, Hops, Garbage Plate, Big Tuna, Splinter, Philmont, Morning After, TL, Vineyard, Chipotle, P Haze, Hairball, O'fer, Parfait, JR Ewing, Peaches, Crabcake, Heartbreaker, Strawberry

Borrowed Gifts

VSF was planted and 21 pax took to the hills of #F3RebelYell in search of oxygen and borrowed gifts.

The Thang

Mosey around parking lot

30 ssh

Partner up preferrably with someone you didn’t know #2ndF

Mosey across Elm to #Murderhorns M – She Loop.

Round 1:  Partners go opposite directions around She Loop and complete 10 hand slap merkins when you meet up then finish loop

Round 2:  Same thing, opposite directions and 20 hand release

Next, we moseyed down #Murderhorn down to the base of the bridge to pick out a borrowed gift (large rock) from that fine neighborhood.  One rock per team.

Starting at the base of #Murderhorn:

Round 1 – Partner 1 – run to light post and back while Partner 2 curls the rock – do 100 total combined

Round 2 – Same thing but overhead press x 200

Scoop the rocks and mosey up #murderhorn

10 merkins at 1st lamp

30 CDD’s at 2nd lamp

50 Bear Squats at 3rd

Mosey back to parking lot and drop the borrowed gifts behind the dumpsters

Line up on the end of the hill and complete 5 switchbacks, up and down the hill until you get to the other end.

Circle up for Mary

30 LBC (IC)

25 Russian Twist (IC)

15 Slow Flutter (IC)

20 Rosalita (IC)

20 Dolly (IC)



Nice work out there today fellas.  Great to be back to the site after a long sabbatical due to BRR training.  Felt since YHC was on Q we’d go do something boring again on #Murderhorn.  It worked.  Again.  Thanks to Strawberry for scouting out the borrowed gifts a few weeks ago.  Nice little compliment there.  And Hops, yes we will put them back eventually and I’ve only got one thing to say to you.  You shut your mouth when you are talking to me.  Great to have you out there.  Love all the new faces we are seeing out at #F3RebelYell.  I will get your faces and names right eventually.  Maybe.  Bunch of strong effort out there today.  TL makes #Murderhorn look easy, as does Splinter, Haze, Hairball and Boomer.  Y’all make it look effortless and it isn’t.  For the record and just to get it out there now to Boomer and Hairball, what I lack in speed I will make up for in creativity, skill and expertise on Saturday #wilyvet.

As always, humbled and honored to lead when I do get the chance.  For those of you that have been coming to #F3RY for awhile, don’t be shocked when you get the tap on the shoulder to Q.  It is a very rewarding experience.

Thank you to Haze, our #sitechaplain for taking us out in a strong prayer.


Check website for weekend AO’s.  Think most are taking place at Calvary because of the mud run.

Mudrun participants – meet at South Charlotte Middle School no later than 5:15am on Saturday.



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9 years ago

Good workout Spackler. It was 13 high slow flutters, btw – lucky #13.
And Hairball and Boomer Sooner – when Spackler says “creativity” – what he means is cheating, skipping obstacles.

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