The Definition of Gloom

  • When:09/30/2014
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Beaver (respect), Frasier, Boomer Sooner, Lex Luther, Fireman Ed, Mr. Brady, Turkey Leg, Butter, Starfish, Hairball, Geraldo, & Alf (Q)

The Definition of Gloom

13 Men posted for this mornings edition of Fast Twitch.  If you ever questioned what was meant by gloom this morning certainly clarified that for you.  The fog was thick, visibility was limited, the grass was wet, the new track was spotted with puddles: a perfect morning for a workout.

The Q heard a little input for the weinke prior to the workout.  “I am not a fan of the track.” “You may want to go light on the hills, we’ve had enough of that BRR training.”, “I’ve got new clean shoes on and don’t want to get them dirty.”

All requests were promptly ignored and off we went.

The Thang:

Down to the baseball outfield:

  • SSH x 30 in cadence
  • IW x 25 in cadence
  • Romanian Deadlifts – x10 each leg OYO

Back off the field to the bleachers:

  • 15 step ups left, 15 step ups right, run down path up stairs and back down to bleachers.  Repeat for a 3x total.

Head to track:

  • 4 corners around track: 1st – 50 calf raises, 2nd – 25 squats, 3rd – 25 merkins, 4th – 25 full sit-ups.  Repeat for a 2nd lap.
  • Run 1 timed mile, all out.

Circle back at parking lot.

  • Run over to Rising Meadow, fast guys run up and around the cul-de-sac, the guys interested in taking their time and observing the Halloween decorations through Rain Tree can wait for the gazelles to return to the bottom of the hill.
  • 5 sprints up and back from lamp post to lamp post (approx. 70m of hill)
  • Indian Run back to SCMS
  • People’s chair with some arm raises
  • LBC’s x 25 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC immediately into Dolly x 15 IC
  • A little protractor
  • Time.


A good hard working crowd this morning and now 2 brothers from Winston Salem this morning (Starfish and Butter) welcome.  A few, who we will not mention, were a little afraid their new kicks were going to get dirty this morning.  My personal opinion is that as soon as you lace up for an F3 workout those shoes don’t make it in the house past the garage.  They smell and are dirty, just as they should be.  You want to keep your shoes clean, walk the mall before it opens early in the morning with the old ladies.

Lots of cheers of excitement when I called for the timed mile!  Everyone killed it considering the track was dark, wet, and RFYL was slow moseying all over it.  Not sure how everyone did on their time.  I knocked it out in about 6:20, I know at least Fraiser, Turkey Leg, Brady, and Hairball were ahead of me as if I needed to state that.  I also noticed there was not one watch between Brady, Fraiser and TL.  Maybe that’s the secret to running fast.  The air resistance on this Garmin is slowing me down.  TL was behind me for the first 3 laps.  The guy is built like deer and has the foot steps of a Clydesdale.  Sounded like I was being tracked down by a Yetti.  A Yetti that passed me and took off into the darkness on the final lap.

We may have made the one woman a bit self conscious as we surrounded the outside of the ladies room doing peoples chair with arm raises in cadence while she relieved herself.  It’s really her fault for not using the woods or someone’s front yard as some Fast Twitch PAX have been known to do.

Great send off by Purple Haze.

Always an honor to be allowed among a great group of men, much less lead them.



Mud Run bus – Meet at SCMS at 0515 Saturday.  Wheels up at 0530.


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7 years ago

for the record I posted at skunkworks so the person complaining about their shoes getting dirty was not me. I do feel for the PAX member who dirtied up the kicks, I feel your pain brother

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