#F3Swift – not so Short and too Long

  • When:09/30/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Honeybee (War Baby), Long Haul (War Daddy), Bratwurst (QIC)

#F3Swift – not so Short and too Long

  • 0514 – 16 PAX standing around at the Ballantyne AO this Tuesday morning
  • 0515 – 16 PAX still standing around
  • 0516 – The PAX help M.Tussauds realize his watch is slow and the Mud Run Training crew take off.  3 PAX left standing for Swift.
  • 0517 – Here comes one late PAX! Shoot, he’s looking for the Mud Run crew
  • 0517 – Depart the AO into the Gloom


  • Warm-up with 1 mile mosey to the Bull Ring. Minimal drills because we’re running late, so just High Knees, Butt Kicks, B-skip (stretch those hamstrings), and Strides.
  • 4x200meters at 1 mile race pace with 200meter jog recovery
  • Mosey out to Ballantyne Corporate for 15 minute Tempo run – try to run at your Marathon Pace (or about 1 minute per mile slower than your 5K pace). Go out for 7:30, then reverse course back to starting point.
  • 4x200meters at 1 mile race pace with 200meter jog recovery

The Moleskin:

  • With a small group, the 2nd F is always in full effect.  Also, no way to hide on these workouts.  We were very tight in the 200s, and Long Haul was showing no ill effects of not running for 6 weeks this summer.  We were flying pretty fast.
  • On the 15min Tempo, because YHC forgot his GPS watch, he realized that he has no internal Pace concept of Marathon Pace.  Too much pushing close to the Red Line probably and without having to use “should be able to talk as a gauge”, was left shouting to HoneyBee to check pace.  Too fast!
  • The ending 200s weren’t as easy as the first.  Surprised that the 15min Tempo would take that much out.
  • Cool-down jog back to home by winding everywhere through the Ballantyne Corporate Park.  Can’t arrive before 0610!
  • Plank until Mud Run Crew arrives – Right Arm/Right Leg high, flapjack, elbows, Right hand/left foot high, flapjack


  • Stonehenge is RELOCATED for this Saturday.  Meet at 0600 at Calvary Church / the Rock.  There will also be a 0700 workout at the same location.

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