Tossing the ‘bee around Base Camp

  • When:09/29/14
  • QIC: Simba
  • The PAX: Bushwood, Steinbrenner, Insomniac, Spinner, Udder, Geraldo, Tawney, Matador, Dunder, Pele, Smash, Simba (QIC)

Tossing the ‘bee around Base Camp

12 Hippies showed up at Base Camp to toss around the frisbee.

Here is what went down:

Warm up:

Lap Around the parking lot…High Knees…Butt Kickers.

SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

IW x 15

Mosey to the Track

Partner up, Size and speed does not matter. One partner runs left, the other runs right.  When you meet up complete a total of the called exercise.

Lap 1: 50 Merkins, plankarama waiting for the 6.

Lap 2: 70 LBC’s, plankarama waiting for the 6.

Lap 3: 20 Burpees, plankarama waiting for the 6.

Ended with a little recovery Rosalita x 25.

Mosey to the Bleachers

Time for some circuit work.  4 stations: Step ups, Dips, Supine Pull ups, Derkins

Round 1: 15

Round 2: 10

Round 3: 5

Hustle back to the parking lot for some Frisbee.

The parking lot was separated into three sections, and the pax took turns, calling an exercise and tossing the bee, then the Pax would run to the frisbee and complete the called exercise.  If it was a misfire and landed in the first section it was 15 reps, in the second section 10, and for a really good throw it was more running but only 5 reps.  If anyone hit a car there was to be a 25 rep penalty (we didn’t but came close a couple of times).

Each pax took a turn, some were better than others, some could benefit from this. We did lots of exercises including: Merkins, Jump Squats, 8 count Man Maker Merkins, Jump lunges, LBCs, Flutter, SSH, Burpees etc.

Finish up with some Mary.

25 Freddie Mercury OYO (YHC was O2 Deprived)



Check watch…15 seconds left…push out 15 merkins.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

-When I got out of the car the guys that were already there immediately noticed I once again had props. Geraldo even threatened changing my name to Carrot Top #downgrade …Fallon? Maybe.

-Good to have the support of Steinbrenner and Bushwood, two DMZ regulars.

-The group was really quiet…Until the frisbee. Definitely missed having Passport out there who claims it was an RFS (Repentant Fart Sack)…apparently he slept through two alarms.

-Geraldo, Bushwood and Spinner were flying out there this morning. Everyone in the Base Camp crew is definitely getting stronger and faster.

Some frisbee throws of note:

1. Udder’s toss was reminiscent of John Daly.  Powerfully out of control, Skyed over the cars!

2. Classic Steinbrenner moment when it was his turn he said “enough with this running business” tossed the frisbee two feet and called for 15 Flutters.

3. Insomniac somehow parked the bee between two cars #NoHarmNoFoul.

4. On the second to last throw Dunder called for Side Shuffle Hops (for reference see here) which is why we ended with Burpees.

Good work men, always a pleasure to lead, see you next time.


New Friday Workout starting 10/10: Indian Trail, Sun Valley Middle School, for more information contact: Hair Band ( or Glass Joe (

Mud Run on Saturday: Pray for fun, fellowship, and safety.

CONVERGENCE on Saturday: Most of the A51 workouts are converging at the rock, check the schedule for particulars.


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9 years ago

Nice workout. Love the props, might have to steal that one.

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