Let’s go exploring

  • When:09/27/14
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Abacus, Lobster Roll, O'Tannebaum, Ocho, Slap Shot, Flutie Flakes, Frasier, Donkey Kong, Cold Cuts.

Let’s go exploring

The Thang:

Eight and a half of the finest in south Charlotte showed up for an adventure and exploration off campus.  The disclaimer was given and off we went.

COP in the parking lot closest to the fields.

SSH x 20; IW x 20; Mountain Climber x 20

Indian Run to South Hall neighborhood.  Instructions were to run to the third intersection on the right stopping along the way at every intersection on the right of the road to so some merkins.  Merkins increased in number at each intersection by ten.  A total of one hundred merkins were completed by the time we reached our destination.

Stop at the bottom of Derbyshire Dr.  Instructions were given to stop at each lamp post along the way with a total of four lamp post.  Complete the called exercise at each post and then plank at the end of the cul de sac.

First round: The squat increasing by ten at each lamp post.

Second round: Returning the way we came: Flutter increasing by ten.

Third round: Hand release merkins increasing by ten for a total one hundred.

Fourth rounnd: Bicycle increasing by ten for a total of one hundred.

Fifth round: Jump squat each touch counts increasing by fives.

Sixth round: Russian twist increasing by ten.

Seventh round: Criss cross get ups no hands.  Do three at each post.

Eighth round: Dolly increasing by ten.

Ninth round: Five burpees at each post for a total of twenty.

Tenth round: Repto.

Plank done after each round with right/left hand in the back pocket; J Lo; Peter Parker; Parker Peter; Six inches right/left leg high.

Indian Run back to the school.

Once at the school partner up size does not matter.  As a team complete fifty pull ups/fifty jump squats.

Plank to finish.

Moleskin: We did 3.6 miles today with a lot of exercises in between.  We did two hundred merkins!  Great work out of everyone out there.  There was minimal complaints.  At some point we lost Donkey Kong as he adhered to the disclaimer of modify as needed.  Lobster Roll and Ocho were pushing the pax during each round.  Thanks for letting me lead today.

Announcements: Please sign up for tutoring at Matthews Elementary.  Contact Frasier or Champagne if you are interested.

Sign up for the Mud Run bus and pay Gummy by today!

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9 years ago

Solid lead Frasier. Found new AO for Area 51, though probably can’t head there for Matrix as neighbors might call cops if we were roaming the streets before sunrise.

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