Mud Run mosey

  • When:09/26/14
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Fletch, Header, Orange Whip, Geraldo, Donkey Kong, Cottontail, Beaver, Brown, Strawberry, Tackling Dummy, Go Daddy, Dora, Big League Chew, Sussudio, Swiss Miss, Tiger Rag, Young Love, Simba, ALF, Turkey Leg, Bulldog, Chanel

Mud Run mosey

22 pax came out to Kevlar for a little mud run type fun.


Ye old chestnut warmup at the bottom of the big hill.
Partner up. Partner does two footed jumps while other one runs to gate and back. Repeato with decline merkin shoulder taps with two runs. Third time burpee jump ups.
Head to bottom of other hill. Combo of speed skaters, jump ups, merkins, sprints, and bear crawls.
Sprint to parking lot. Jack Webb with LBC’s.


Good crowd today. Great seeing Header again after his leave of absence. Funny also sending Brown and Chanel not only driving together but coordinating their attire with the only difference being that Chanel sported sleeves. Hats off to Go Ruckers as Dora and Big League Chew endured the hills with packs most of the way. Sussudio, Alf,and Fletch were the flyers today leaving the rest of us in their wake. Donkey Kong enjoyed the burpee aspect and Young Love was fond of the burpee jump up on the bench. Header’s lack of fitness meant he shut down the Jack Webb LBC combo down only 6 in due to “time constraints”.
There was a Good Hands sighting running as sad clown on 51 so maybe we can claim him as our 23rd…
Have a great weekend. Pleasure leading as always. Young Love on Q next week.


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9 years ago

Arrived with a min to spare due to the fact that When I got out to my car this morn I realized it had been broken into. Checked on a few things and came for the beatdown. Lots of groans on the Burpee calls. Thanks for the work BD.

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