Pirated Material from other Back blasts.

  • When:9/25/14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Twister, Teddy, Parfait (respect), O-fer, Chipotle, Heartbreaker, Strawberry, Big Tuna, Patch Adams, Philmont, Spackler, Escargot, Bananas, Busch, Garbage Plate, Brisket, Morning After, Soul Glo, House Keeping, Splinter

Pirated Material from other Back blasts.

The VSF was firmly planted and then 21 men got after it today.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climber x 20

Slow Squat x 20

line up in two lines for the Indian Bear Crawls.  Bear crawl forward and Bear Crawl backwards.

Mosey to Firebirds parking lot. belated disclaimer.  Partner up

Run with partner to Speed Bump 25 nipplers, Run with Partner to fountains, 25 squats, run with partner to Wendy’s 25 partner Merkins (some partner carried home, most Refuseniked)

Repeat-o but replaced squats with step ups.

Mosey to side of movie theater.

Partner 1 performs called exercise while partner 2 runs a lap around semi circle parking lot.

Peoples Chair

Calf Raises

Bear Squats

Monkey Humpers




Peoples Chair

Carolina Dry Docks

4 min of Mary

Flutter x 25

Dolly x 25

Freddy Mercury x 20

LBC x 25



1.  donate cans to spearhead on Friday morning workout

2.  Get involved in a third F to get more out of F3.  Opportunities include Aftermath (6:30 on Wednesdays at Starbucks at Piper Glen)

Threshold (High noon on Wednesdays at Bojangles by South Park Mall)

The Stand (6:30 am on Fridays at Carmel Village Panera)

Compass (6:30am on Fridays at Chick-fil-a Arborteum)


YHC saw Indian Bear Crawl in another backblast and wanted to try it.  YHC nearly miffed the explanation, but the PAX cleared up the communication.  There was a lot of mumble chatter regarding the suck factor of doing pushups sustained for several minutes in anticipation of a future bear crawl.

YHC had taken Rebel Yell off for about 2 months to train for BRR.  There are a lot of new faces out there and a lot of cool guys.  Those who make themselves regulars at RY make sure to get to know one another.  First time YHC had ever seen Bush and Bananas at RY.  site FNGs?

The workout today was constant movement, very little recovery, so everyone should have got their heart up quick and kept it there, YHC saw a good bit of hands on the knees during the last 10 min.  Pecs and legs should be feeling it later today.

temperatures will begin to drop in the coming month.  PAX stay committed to posting.  Test your body in the elements, make yourself stronger, fitter, leaner, meaner.

Strong work by Teddy, Bananas, Busch, Escargot and others.

T claps to Busch for the send off


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9 years ago

Great Q Splinter. I have been frequenting Hydra on Thursday and decided to switch it up. 25 step ups on each leg at the fountain was my low point. Not sure how the Pax was so incredibly lopsided in forming two lines the Indian Bear Crawl, but I was in the wrong line. Might have to steel a version of that in my next Q. Good to see some of the Pax I have not seen in a while, I plan to start posting at RY more often.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Looks like Indian bear crawl was the thang today as we did them at Peak 51 as well.

9 years ago

Bananas was really strong during Mary. Just crushing the stomach.

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