Bells, Beast, Mist, & one horrible listener!!

  • When:8/25/14
  • QIC: Brown
  • The PAX: Bulldog, Icky Shuffle, Fireman Ed, Run Stopper, High Tide, Gullah, Snowbird, Madison, Alf, TR, Brown (QIC)

Bells, Beast, Mist, & one horrible listener!!

11 seriously jacked freaks emerged in the misty gloom this A.M. to get their weekly dose of iron. No screwing around, we get after it.



SSH x 25

IW x 25

Good Morning x 20

The Thang:


10 Swings

10 Merkins

10 Dead Cleans

10 Merkins

10 Dead Snatches

10 Merkins


KB Beast: Bell never touches the ground. 10 merkin penalty (this is where we start to lose Fireman Ed)

1st cone: 10 High Pull R

2nd cone: 10 Over Head Squat

3rd cone: 10 High Pulls L

4th cone: 10 2 Handed Snatch Press

5th cone: 20 Swings

Now Go Back

KB Ladder:

Swing, High Pull, Clean, Snatch

Start on Right Side. Complete each exercise consecutively up the ladder to 4 reps, then back down to 1 rep.

Repeato on Left Side.

Body Part Training:

Lower Body:

Good Mornings x 20

Goblet Squats x 20

Swings x 20

Upper Body:

Upright Row x 20

Tricep Ext. x 20

Shoulder Press x 10 each arm

A little extra time:

Snatch Squat Press x 20

Round Robin Swings:

Circle up, complete 20 swings, move to your left for different sized bell.


There is no Mary at Meathead!!



Well, a pax full of knuckleheads leads to an interesting workout. Fireman Ed is a horrible listener or doesn’t know his left from his right. Or, he had a longer night than anyone knew about. Welcome back to Meathead son! Bulldog brought his pill, only to die on us half way through. YHC was pretty sure he was loud and clear with calls, but maybe harder to hear with all the chatter. There was a much talked about Walmart apparel purchase that was onsite, and questioning of too many shirts with sleeves at Meathead. YHC guilty as charged. Hey, the weather has changed recently. Numbers continue to grow, which is great to see. Still waiting for all of the BRR pax to come maximize their frames now that they’ve maximized their lung capacity. Chicks dig pecs! It’s an honor to lead as always. Thanks for your commitment to Meathead!


Announcements: Mud Run 10/4. Pay your way on the bus. You’ll be glad you did.




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