Fast Twitch visits The Rock

  • When:9/23/14
  • QIC: Slim Fast (WD)
  • The PAX: Gummy, Marvel, Mr. Brady, Purple Haze, Spackler, Geraldo, Good Hands, Hopper, Turkey Leg, Hairball, Hannibal, Soul Glo, Slim Fast

Fast Twitch visits The Rock

13 Pax enjoyed a lovely first full morning of Fall getting some miles in while enduring death-defying obstacles that make the Mud Run obstacles look like FantasyLand at Disney World.  For some of you, you will take death-defying OVER FantasyLand, and I get it… I digress.

The Thang:
After a heartfelt disclaimer, we circled up for a quick COP
20 x SSH
20 X IW

The group ran to Calvary Church with a stop at Davie Park entrance for 50 squats, a stop at the corner of Rea for 20 merkins, and then congregated at the park in Calvary Church.

For the next 25 minutes, 3 groups ran between 3 stations that were a feeble attempt by YHC to simulate some activities/muscle groups that are used in the Mud Run:
Station 1:  Team climbs The Rock helping each other get to up and over.  Then run towards the playground with a stop at the baseball field to climb up and over the back of the bleacher.

Station 2:  Team hops over the playground fence (not using the open gate as Gummy pointed out), do 10 pull-ups on the tire swing crossbar, do hand-over-hand down the swing set (about 30 ft.), then team climbs the back fence to head towards the snack bar.

Station 3:  Team crawls under 4 picnic tables, then does 20 dips on picnic tables.  Team heads to Station 1 to climb The Rock… etc.

We did 2 full cycles of this, and the 3 teams stayed together to help each other with the climbing and bar work.  Purple Haze’s team self-assessed themselves a penalty of SSH and Freddie Mercury’s when they didn’t stay together… also simulating the Mud Run.

After the 2 cycles, we did 4×100 sprints, then headed back to the SCMS with a stop at Davie Park for LBC’s.

We made it back at approx. 6:16 for Name-o-rama and BOM.  We covered 4.8 mi.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead a great group of men, and at a great site location!  I wasn’t sure how the activities would actually play out, and the jury is still out!  But I did enjoy thinking through trying to simulate some of the movements we would use at Mud Run combined with some miles.  It can be improved for future execution no doubt!

Weather/temp was great, and as always, I really appreciate the way the PAX push me personally.

Mr. Brady, thanks for the great send off prayer.

1.  Congrats to Hairball as he and the M. are expecting their first li’l Hairball next Spring!
2.  Mud Run participants be sure to reply to Gummy on bus trans.
3.  Ragnar Trail Run in Atlanta April 4-5, 2015.  Contact Champagne if interested.

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9 years ago

Fun workout, Slim Fast. That’s one of those workouts that isn’t very easy to explain to non-F3 friends. “We ran 1.5 to the church, stopping along the way to do squats in the middle of a park entrance. At the church, we climbed over a 10 foot high rock, pushed up to the top by our friends touching us in uncomfortable places. And we slithered underneath four picnic tables on concrete.”

It was good to work with 1/3 of the Flatnin’ the Hills BRR team. I confess that we didn’t hear the part about climbing over the big fence to leave the playground. The gate was open after all.

I was next to Turkey Leg in the BOM. The man’s shirt was bone dry, as if he’d just put it on. Mine was dripping. The man isn’t normal.

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