#F3Swift – Covering new ground

  • When:09/22/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst and Champagne
  • The PAX: Swift Run: Tiger Rag (Swift FNG), Frasier, HoneyBee, and Bratwurst;

#F3Swift – Covering new ground

After being left standing all alone by some departing Mud Run trainers, 3 PAX launched into the gloom at 0515 for a little mosey.  At about 0518, one more PAX decides to grace us with his presence after navigating through the blocked off streets of Ballantyne.


  • STRAVA report here: http://www.strava.com/activities/198360053
  • Warm-up and drills for 20 minutes (1.5mi).
  • 5 rounds of 2 / 1 / 30.  Which is 2 minutes Hard (I-pace from calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator, or approximately your 2 mile Race pace), 1 minute jog, 1 minute Hard, 30 seconds jog, 30 seconds Hard, 30 seconds recovery.  No rest between each set.
  • Cool-down about 1mile.
  • Total distance about 6.3mi.

The Moleskin:

  • With I-485 and Ballantyne shut down due to construction and accidents respectively, Tiger Rag placed a call to the QIC.  It’s a good thing the QIC is normally running RIGHT on time (almost always late) and was still in the car to catch his call.  With further instructions, TR made it just fine albeit a little tardy.
  • When YHC found that TR would be joining, it became necessary to do the Drills that many PAX have said, “If TR was here, he would make fun of these things.”  Skipping, bounding, and butt-kicking our way through the warm-up, YHC didn’t hear too much chatter about the drill selection.  Probably because they kind-of actually work.
  • The 2 / 1 / 30 is a Coach Jack Daniels staple workout for the 5K/10K training regimens.  It can lull you into thinking that’s it going to be super easy only running for 2 minutes on the longest interval, but that illusion is normally erased during the 2nd or 3rd 2-minute interval.  Today, it took Frasier only one interval to remark how long 2 minutes is.  It was either we were showing off for TR, pulling up a hill for half of the interval, or because we have bad internal clocks.
  • There was little separation in the PAX today, for it was a strong group.  Swift is always open for any PAX.  We’ll adjust regrouping and route for the size and speed of the entire group, not just a few.
  • We used a lot of ground in a small area of the Corporate Park today.  There are so many intersecting streets, we created an interesting map.  runmap
  • In the future, we’re going to have to get more creative and do a run that produces something like this dog.  We’ll call it the Area51 Butterfly Run and draw a TON of PAX…
  • Tumblr_n768i2pwms1texhuno1_500


  • Pay your Mud Run bus ride / sundries tab!  You know who you are.
  • Join Strava and post your runs / workout online if you use a Sport watch or smartphone app that you can download workouts from.  See the Weekly blast for more info.
  • Thunder Road 1/2 marathon, Full, and 5K is coming up on Saturday, November 15th.  There will likely be a Discount Code for F3, and training advice from Metro and Area51 QICs.  Stay tuned!

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9 years ago

I envision the scene at 0514 was something like this:
Frasier: “Sweet. It’s just us three. We can finally run unencumbered.”
Honey Bee: “I know, right? Totally.”
Brat: “Hold on, let me take this call.” [Rolls eyes, makes flapping lips sign with free hand].

–Palpable disappointment. Awkward silence—

Frasier: “Is it ‘no man left behind’ if he isn’t here to begin with? Can we just leave him?”
Honey Bee: “I know, right? Totally. Dude, my wrists are cold. Let’s go.”
Brat: “No. We need him to join the strava group so we’ll look faster than we already

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………………….

They say if you want to run fast, run with fast men. What they don’t tell you is that you won’t catch them and you will feel slow. Because you are.

The map of our route looks like a one legged man doing hand shadows of a pooping dolphin. What’s your fancy shrink degree make of that one, Frasier?

Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

Big problems but that’s not the clinical term

Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

Big problems but that’s not the clinical term

Honey Bee
9 years ago

At 5:15, I was just saying how the “simply running Swift” was gaining popularity because there were a whole 5 guys still standing in the parking lot when the “I run through trees and climb things Swift” left. However, after realizing what was happening, 2 of the 5 ran off into the darkness.

Thank you TR for making us an even 4 this AM. Oh and wrist coldness is a real thing. After Frasier suggested it this morning, my wrists did seem chilly.

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