Excuse me folks, this is your captain speaking….

  • When:09/23/2014
  • QIC: Market Timer (Bagpipe)
  • The PAX: Champagne, Brisket, Pop, Brown, The Beast, Chanel, Cold Cuts, Brushback, Fried Okra, Mr. Bean, Outback, Market Timer, Mighty Mite, Puppy Love, Frehley's Comet, Patch Adams, Morning After, Garbage Plate, Rip Curl, Peaches, Strawberry, Philmont, Heart Breaker, Escargot, Long Haul, Mermaid, Twister, Abacus, Margot, Cain (list includes Mud Run prep team and Bagpipe)

Excuse me folks, this is your captain speaking….


Planned Q Haggis was delayed en route to Charlotte so called for a backup, and YHC was happy to oblige.  Safe travels Haggis…

SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Peter Parker Merkins x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20

Loch Ness Wall #1
Set of 11s:
10 jump ups, 1 squat
9 jump ups, 2 squats,

Loch Ness Wall #2
Dips x 10 in cadence
Derkins x 10 (standard count)
Dips x 10 (in cadence)
Derkins x 10 (standard count)

Mosey to grassy field:
Plank it up, all pax hop over legs all the way down the line.
Return to plank at end of line until all pax complete.

Over the wooden bridge, w/ lunge walk

BOA Hill
Set of 6s:
5 burpees at the top, 1 merkin at bottom
4 burpees, 2 merkins, etc

Back to old SPX parking lot (Soon to be home of Snyders Lance!!)
Partner up:
Partner 1 sprints up hill to bridge, 10 merkins, sprint back
Partner 2 performs 10 flutter, 10 dolly on repeato
Partner 1 half way up hill to Snyders sign, 15 squats, sprint back
Partner 2 does 10 LBCs, 10 Rosalita on repeat

In the lot:
Bear crawl across, 10 merkins, bear crawl back, 10 merkins
Crab walk across, 5 merkins, crab walk back, 5 merkins
Standing broad jumps across lot

Mosey back to home, with lunge walk over bridge.


Great weather this morning and big group between all 3 cohorts.
Expecting some great times at the Leatherneck with the number of pax showing up for Mud Run prep.
Grab your neighbor, lets get 40 pax to Bagpipe/Swift.  Almost there.


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