Here we go again

  • When:09/20/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Whitesnake, Mighty Mite, Gullah, Fletch, Big League Chew, Harley, The Hoff (QIC)

Here we go again

7 Men experienced a classic rewind as music was dialed up by our very own Whitesnake…and iHeart Radio selected the great “Here I go again” hit to kick off the grueling work at Olympus.

 Warm up:

SSH with KB in Left Hand x 20 in cadence

SSH with KB in Right Hand x 20 in cadence

SSH x 20 (no BK)

Partner Work:

     – P1 Sprints 75 yards to Kettle Bell Circle  while P2 works station:

– QIC calls out what KB exercise for Pax to do each round

– When P1 gets back, P2 trades off implement and sprints to KB Circle and does work

– Each round Plank until all Pax return and await QIC to call out next KB Exercise for that round

Gear Stations Include:

Fire Hose Run x 100 yards

Weighted Sled Pull x 65 yards

Barbell Squats – Deep

Side-to-Side Sandbag Squat w. Press (starting point on ground at left, explode up with full press and end on the ground on the right side, flapjack and rinse and repeat)

Medicine Ball Squat Thrusts

Rope Pull Ups

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Kettle Bell Exercises:

KB Swing x 20

KB Rack x 10 each side

KB Snatch x 10 each side

KB Upright Row x 20

KB Overhead Press x 20

Rounds x 2.5 – 45 minutes – LOTS of sprints, KB work and Gear


Starfish KB Russian Twists (Pax sit back-to-back in a circle of 7 and pass bells) Left x 20, Right x 20

Mountain Climbers over KB (SLOW) x 15 in cadence

Flutter Kicks with KB Press x 20 in cadence



This workout was no joke and the team was incredibly impressive today.  In my group, Fletch and Mighty Mite were leading the pack each round.  It was so evident that QIC had to point out a memory of the first time he trained with Mighty Mite…at Day Zero.  It was about 16 months ago and he was so far ahead of the rest of us, it inspired me to push myself to the next level which ultimate lead QIC in the direction of GORUCK, SPEARHEAD and Olympus.  – Thank you MIghty Mite.  You left a lasting impression on me and I never got a chance to tell you how much that day meant to me.

Fletch is a cardio machine and if Lab Rat were back he’d have some serious competition!  Big League Chew needed no help with getting that squat bar over his head and continues to defy the laws of aging…he is 25 inside.

Gullah has lost a bunch of weight in the past year and has developed into an amazing Q and leader. If you haven’t posted with him in a while, come out and see how strong he’s become

Whitesnake has heart.  This guy simply will not quit and has a really high level of determination.  It will be nice to see where he ends up (from a training perspective) after a few months.  My guess is that he’ll be wrestling for WWE!

And finally Harley…he represents Skunkworks really well!  A true KB Machine!!

Again, thank you for posting with us and it is an honor to lead such a strong group of men.

Respectfully, The Hoff

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Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
9 years ago

Wow. I’m flattered, Hoff. That means a lot coming from one of the certifiable monsters of F3.

This is one of the many great things about F3. No matter where you start, there’s always going to be pax that will push you to the next level. Olympus, due to it’s unique gear focus, has become one of my favorite sites. I always enjoy being able to come out on Saturday mornings and see what kind of carnival you’ve cooked up.

9 years ago

Thanks fot the shout out and the kind words, Hoff. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: without the inspiration and support of both the Qs and the PAX, there’s no way I’d still be working out, much less enduring these wicked beatdowns. Sure, I’m seeing progress (losing weight, gaining strength, etc), and that helps, but it’s you guys that keep me going.

Well said, Mighty Mite: the PAX indeed does continually push you to the next level – but, and this is important, by leading the way rather than pushing from behind.

P.S. I can barely move today. Excellent beatdown, Hoff. See all y’all next weekend.

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