Day Zero Field Trip

  • When:09/20/14
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Teddy, Bugeater, Stone Cold, Elsinore, Gummy, Stagecoach

Day Zero Field Trip

Mosey over to the Yellow Rose parking lot.  With the pax properly disclaimed, let’s get started.

-1 legged Burpees x 10 R
-SSH x 25
-1 legged Burpees x 10 L
-IW x 25
-8 count body builders x 20

LOP (Line of Pain):
-Mountain Climbers x 20
-Plank walk right
-Shoulder taps x 20
-Plank walk left
-Mountain climbers x 20

Indian Run to Trader Joes

People’s chair near CVS (mix in some arm raises)

Parking Lot pain behind TJ’s:
-1 group performs exercise while other group runs diagonal parking space shuttles
-8 rounds with 8 exercises: Burpees, Deep Squats, Calf raises (regular, toes in, toes out), Staggered arm Merkins with one hand on curb R/L, burpees

More People’s chair

Return to Day Zero AO – run at your pace

Find a pet rock and circle up:
-Biceps curls
-Tricep extensions
-Shoulder presses
-2 times thru rotating around the circle to vary the rocks (rd. 1 x 25, rd. 2 x 20)

Core rotation (5 stations):
-Wall mountain climbers x 15
-Heels to heaven x 20
-Flutters x 20
-Plank walk on rail
-Dolly x 20
-Plank walk on rail again


-Great to have Elsinore visiting from #F3Raleigh.  Come back and join us anytime.
-YHC had some issues calling cadence in the LOP.  As expected, the pax jumped all over me calling it my VQ.
-Teddy was burning a trail on the return back to the school.
-Bugeater showed up carrying his football.  Maybe he read Purple Haze’s tweet about football conditioning drills…3 weeks ago!
-Several BRR guys were getting after it today.  I think Gummy was asking for running hills after our Line of Pain (LOP).
-Always a pleasure leading the pax.

-Mud run signups are finally final.  Maybe they’ll need replacements, so watch twitter if you’re interested.
-I completed missed collecting canned goods.  If you brought them, connect with Dora to coordinate delivery.

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9 years ago

Great Q Stage Coach. Nice meeting you guys – appreciate the hospitality!

9 years ago

Elsinore it was great to meet you to. Post any time you are in charlotte. Say do you know Manram or Key West from Raleigh pax? Good dudes! Stage Coach thanks for the tease on “might play football later if we have time”. Teddy was a beast on run back from adventure time. Gummy also found a gear there. So much so we ran some bonus time as we missed our turn in. Great Q coach. You got my muscles stinging today. Line of pain had near loss of shoulders.

9 years ago

ManRam well. Key West not as well — but agree. Thanks again guys!

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