Taking the French Virgin

  • When:9/18/14
  • QIC: Jean-Pierre, Grapevine
  • The PAX: Double Trouble, Motley, Tesla, Money, Leroy, Escargot, Iron Horse, GAAP, Aerosmith, Foo, My Sharona, Little W, Raisin, Ricky Bobby, Wuerffel, Peppers, Cockroach, Raid, Skoal Bandit, Eminem, Chelms AKA Tatertot, Grizzly, Cadillac, Nutt, Homeboy, Rev Flo Rida, Jean Pierre, Grapevine

Taking the French Virgin

28 strong for Core Meltdown today – a great gang bang to take the scarlet V from non other than Jean Pierre !!!

Here is what we did:

Warmup (and I use the term loosely – this was more like a first course…)

SSHX25, 5 Burpees, MerkinsX20, 5 Burpees, MCX20, 5 Burpees, FroggiesX20, 5 Burpees

Mosey to the Track for the second course:

warmup lap

Partner up

20 Goblet Squats, 20 KB Swings, 10 overhead press each arm, 25 partner situps with bell

Partner 1 – 2 bell lunge walk north, partner 2 – mosey south, trade off when you meet until 1 full lunge lap completed

Plank-o-rama until all are done

5 Turkish getup/presses each arm (audible down from 10 – those were hard – Rev was hurtin’ with the 50 pounder (Nibbler loves that))

20 KB Swings, 20 Goblet Squats

KB Indian Run – 2 laps

Count off into 4 teams

4 Corners with the following:

Corner 1 – 25 Hammer Curls

Corner 2 – 25 Goblet Squats

Corner 3 – 25 Russian Twist

Corner 4 – 25 Tricep Extension

Mosey to middle for 5 burpees in between stations, 2 full rounds

Foo led Mary: dying cockroach, pilates smorgasboard, a few others

10 Burpees

COT Announcements:

prayers for Zimmerman, collecting $ for a giftcard, see the Rev to donate

free apples from the Rev (awesome)

Porta Jon recovering from knee surgery

Blue Mold’s wife had intestinal surgery – prayer request

CORE T Shirts coming – talk to Foo

Billingsville on Tuesdays, AG starts the first Thursday in Oct.

See the web site for details

Iron Horse with an excellent takeout


Great showing today, close to a core meltdown record – I think we had a couple of LIFO’s which would have put us over – shout out for credit

Nice mix of Metro and South PAX – melting pot !

Money at 73 – War Daddy, Raisin at 11 = War Baby, and several at each decade between – #gottaloveCORE

Jean Pierre delivered some good tunes to boot

Great job by JP one his first performance, I am thankful for the opportunity to assist and lead this great group of men


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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Good job on first time Q and tunes were great and didn’t wake the neigbhors like Motley did last week. I did crack up when Rev started helping you out with cadence by calling “1” since you were pausing before starting with 2. Experience is the key and you will get better – #10,000 failes.

I was not being a Refusnik on the running (or maybe I was but had a good reason – plantar fasciata). I’ll be a regular for a while due to foot and likely continuing to refuse to run.

PAX can contact me at pchepul@gmail.com if interested in tutoring. F3 has three F’s so this is great opportunity to work on the third F #Impact

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