A trip to the maul

  • When:09/17/2014
  • QIC: Wingman
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Frasier, Over rated, Loogie, Philmont, Rip Curl, Oafer, Parfait, Fish Taco, Chipotle, Heartbreaker, POP, Puppy Love, Mighty Mite, Long Haul, Soft Pretzel, Gumbo, Screech, Wingman (QIC)

A trip to the maul

Today marked my first Q since beginning of April.  Not sure how the time slipped by but it felt good to lead again.

SSH x 30 IC
Imperial Walker x 25 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Squats x 15 IC

Mosey to the Hill (does it have a name)
Triple-Nickel is called exercise
5 burpees at the top
5 burpees at the bottom
5 times
Plank-o-rama while we wait.

Mosey to the cantina
Partner up and do combined 200 LBC
Partner 1 run to Coldstone
Partner 2 LBC
Flapjack until count is met.  If you finish early and didn’t run twice.  Run it again.

Mosey to Target Lot
10 burpees
10 mountain climbers
10 jump squats
Until total count of 100 (40 burpees, 30 mountain climbers, 30 jump squats)
Plank and wait.  10s of good form.

Mosey to side of Target
Ab crusher
30s of 4 count freddie and 4 count heels-to-heaven
1m of half-burpees (plank to feet near hands)
3 rounds

Mosey to humps behind Target
Bear Crawl to first hump
Sprint to next
Bear Crawl to second hump
Sprint to next and halt.

Mosey home for some Mary
Starting position is 6 inches
Dolly x 30 IC
Flutter x 25 IC
10s of 6 inches to finish

Thanks for the opportunity to lead again.  Yes, some was repeat of a previous workout but we have a lot of new faces.  Speaking of faces, Have you seen Screech’s?  Front of pack today.  Good job.  Not much resting today.  I think i counted 90 burpees.  Scheduled a guest appearance by Jack but couldn’t fit him in.  Shoulders are toast after the bear crawls.

Help out this weekend at 815a to get the kids ready for the 1 mile fun-run for the Isabella Santos Foundation.  See site for details on registering for the 5/10k or the family 1m fun-run, Contact Honey Bee to help out.

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