97% Humidity with 100% Chance of a Sweatfest at FastTwitch

  • When:09/16/14
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Spackler, Radar, Butter (Winston-Salem), Turkey Leg, Frasier, Soul Glow, Prohibition, Good Hands, Geraldo, Starfish, Gummy, Hair Ball, Fletch

97% Humidity with 100% Chance of a Sweatfest at FastTwitch

13 of South Charlottes early risers threw caution to the wind and posted for the Power hour that is FastTwitch. With the BRR planted firmly in the rearview – FastTwitch set its sights on the next event to be absolutely dominated by F3 – The MudRun. Seemed like a common theme this week but with only a few short weeks to prep, it’s time to get after it. So here’s how we spent our hour.

The pax was properly disclaimed with one Site FNG Butter in attendance from (Wintson-Salem). Welcome Butter – now follow us.
Head out Hot down 51 towards Davie Park. Circle up in Bottom lot near playground for quick COT to get us properly warmed up for the next 45 minutes of pain.

Grab a partner
Partner 1 – Runs to top Lot and back (appox .4mi each way) while going up/over/or around the two closed gates
Partner 2 – Completes 10 Pullups, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 LBC – then Plank until Partner 1 Returns
Flapjack and Repeato for 45 minutes.
Complete 4 circuits Each
Grab all of the Pax and head back to South Charlotte Middle for COT
+/- 5 miles, 40 Pullups, 80 HandRelease Merkins, 120 Squats, 140 LBC all in for this mornings edition – an hour Well Spent

Announcements – had a voice memo malfunction during the announcements but here is what I recall from this morning.
Tutoring Opportunity to begin in October at Matthews Elementary – Frasier has details
1 Mile Fun Run and 5K Looking for F3 to assist with Fun Run – this Saturday Morning – See Header for Details
Greensboro NC expansion upcoming – see Starfish for details

Excellent effort by the pax this morning. Cooler temps were a welcomed surprise, but the near 100 percent humidity had the sweat rolling right out of the gates. Not a lot of flat ground out there during the run portion today and it was great to see folks tearing up the pavement – the BRR training has really paid off for many. Frasier and Turkey Leg paired up and were running like they stole something with the rest of the pax giving chase for much of the morning.
YHC wanted to keep it moving today with plenty of running while mixing in some exercises designed to help with the demands of the MudRun. Not a ton of chatter out there this morning aside from a discussion revolving around the scent being omitted from Spackler’s wicking Tshirt, must be the fabric. Continue to keep our Pax dealing with Family Illnesses in our thoughts and prayers. It’s always a pleasure to lead and sweat with the pax at FastTwitch.

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9 years ago

I purchased some Tide Sport with Febreeze and today I am a new breed of masculine out there. Nice Q today. I still loathe running.

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Has TL ever NOT stacked his team. #sandbagger

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