Whirlwind World Tour

  • When:9/13/2014
  • QIC: The Mouth, Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Runstopper, KY, Iron Horse, Free Clinic, Deadlift, JR Ewing, Flutie Flakes, Furley, Deep Dish, The Benefactor, The Mouth, Strange Brew and Spidey (Strange Brew 2.0)

Whirlwind World Tour

An even dozen (+1 2.0) eventually showed up for a whirlwind tour of The Rock campus, simulating the world tour that YHC is all too familiar with but that was led by The Mouth on his virgin Q.  What a tour it was, it went something like this (after the disclaimer of course):

Jog to open car parking area for a little COP:

IW x 20

Mtn Climber x 25

SSH x 30

Run over to the islands aka The Philippines

At each island do 10 LBC and 10 SSH sprinting to the next one, plank it up when finished

Indian Run (the long way round obviously, The Mouth just finished BRR so distance is not a problem) to the front of the campus.

Backwards run until whistle blows then sprint to the road in front of North Face (in case you can’t see where this is going…)

North Face Triple Nickel

Diamond Crunches x 5 at the top, 5 jump squats at the bottom (the hill wouldn’t have been hard enough without these) x 5 times up and down

Indian Run to Entrance 4

Lunge walk down, bear crawl back up, plank it up, rinse and repeat

Turn it over to Strange Brew for YHC’s 2nd Anniversary Q

Mosey to picnic benches

3 rounds (planking it up in between) of:

20 x Dips

10 x Elevated CDD’s (these work great to isolate the shoulders even more)

10 x Jump ups (or step ups since the benches were quite wet)

Partner up and mosey to the soccer fields

Military presses with partners ankles while they plank x 10, flapjack

Crabwalk to flag football center field and repeat Mil presses, bear crawl back

Partner fist pump sit ups x 10

Prairie Fire Mary x 10 each way, flapjack

Wheelbarrow to mid field, flapjacking as needed

Mosey to the hill (a very short mosey)

Partner 1 runs up hill, does 3 burpees and runs down the hill to partner 2 who was doing CDD’s, flapjack to a total of 200 CDD’s

Mosey back to car area, stopping short on the grass for some Mary:

Flutter x 20

Sid-The-Kid 10 each way oyo

Rosalita x 20

Heels to Heaven x 10

Back to the cars

Ye Olde Moleskine:

A great first Q by The Mouth today, a real honour to co-Q with him, he’s someone I have known over the last number of years, took forever to EH him and now he is killing it out there, a real pleasure to have you out in the gloom my friend.  It was YHC’s second F3 anniversary so the obligatory pep talk was given to the pax at the end to EH folks, I needed it big time and it has really changed my life, kudos were handed out to Runstopper for bringing me out and kudos to everyone else for sticking with me all along the way, I’d post a list of names but when I tried to come up with said list it was too long and realized I’d miss too many awesome guys but needless to say I’ve been encouraged, inspired and pulled along by a great many of you.

A few words from The Mouth:

Thanks to KY and The Benefactor for making the trip south from Metro for my V Q.  KY promised lots of mumblechatter but the Q must have been successful keeping it at bay because it was kept to a minimum (even during the counting which is not right, just not right, editorial by SB).  However KY was constantly at the front even though the chatter was low so it was scored a tied by the decision of the judges.

Mall Cop must have heard early on we were headed to the islands…He showed up at the end of the workout in island wear and with extra shirts in tow…Islands was a running exercise sir.

Thanks for letting me lead (goes for YHC as well), it was an honor (The Mouth’s spelling obviously) to workout with such a great group of men.


Pretty light announcements this morning, as in the only one was to meet at coffeeteria which a good number of pax did.

A great send off to focus our day (YHC would give credit but can’t remember who did the takeout).

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9 years ago

Aye. Great VQ by the Mouth and solid shoulder smoker by Brew. Was awesome being with the men of “Southey” in the gloom. Until next time…

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