Even Q’s Sleep In On Monday’s

  • When:9/15/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: SMASH, Insomniac, Geraldo, Swanson, Whitesnake, Spinner, Big Tuna, Huggy Bear, Tawny, Dunder, Klunken, Strange Brew

Even Q’s Sleep In On Monday’s

So at precisely 0527 one of the pax milling about at Base Camp idly states, does anyone know who is on Q?  Wondering precisely that myself, and judging from the lack of twitter chatter assumed it was twitterless Fireman Ed but no, it was not.  2 and some odd minutes later YHC calls out for the pax to follow and off we went.

Mosey to the baseball field outfield for a warm up of sorts:

20 x SSH

20 x Mtn Climbers

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

Mosey to bleachers by baseball field for:

15 Dips

10 Jump ups (or step ups)

8 Elevated CDD’s

Plank it up, repeato, then repeato one more time

Mosey to the football field to partner up (size sort of matters)

Anchor and Sled (in honour of the other site Q, you know who you are)

Plank it up

Partner wheelbarrow to the far football goal post, bear crawl back

Partner 100’s with Merkins (Partner 1 runs to the other side of the field while partner 2 does merkins, flapjack until 100 are completed, got a few groans on this one)

Partner bear crawl/crab walk to other side of field, parnter 1 crab walks, partner 2 bear crawls to the other side of the field, flapjacking movement until you reach the other side

Indian Run around the track for a lap (brand new track had to try it out)

Mosey back almost to the cars, stop in grassy knoll, no snipers present so a little Mary was had:

Flutters x 15 (or maybe 20, I don’t remember)

Dolly’s x 15

Sid-The-Kid for 10 each way oyo

Calf raises x 15 IC and wow look at the time we got in an extra minute #extracredit


Whether impromptu or not, it is always a pleasure for YHC to Q at Base Camp.  Some really strong effort out there, we went without many 10 counts or breaks although YHC did hear a call for one at one point so a 10 count was called for and quickly breezed through, makes me think that the BC pax are getting stronger.  YHC had to pleasure of partering up with Insomniac for some serious 1st and some 2nd F along the way, was great meeting you brother. Strong send off by Insomniac as well, thanks for that.

Announcements were pretty light so YHC suggested that everyone post on Tuesday and quickly ran down the Tuesday options for an impromptu review.

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9 years ago

Exceptional impromptu Q, Brew. My sweat glands enjoyed the workout.

Forgive the quick brag, and hopefully Passport sees this, but that the first time I was able to complete a one-lap Indian Run. Likely not a big deal for most, but it’s starting to feel like my cardio work on off-F3 days is finally paying off.

In other news: you forgot to mention our good friend Mr. Webb. I think he made an appearance right after that infamous Indian Run.

Have a great week, everyone. And safe travels to NY, SB. See you in the gloom soon.

Slim Fast
Reply to  Whitesnake
9 years ago

Whitesnake, you keep getting stronger everytime I see you! Way to go! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday. Slim Fast

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