• When:9/13/14
  • QIC: Boomer Sooner, Hairball
  • The PAX: Boomer Sooner, Teddy, Frasier, Steve (Frasier 2.0), Radar, Prohibition, Hairball


(Posted on behalf of Boomer Sooner & Hairball)

6 (+ one 2.0) of South Charlotte’s finest beat the fartsack and ventured out into the soup this morning. Boomers Sooner took the reigns on his VQ. Here’s what went down.

The Thang:

Boomer Sooner Q:

1/2 lap around track
High knee/Butt kick/Carioca
SSH x20 (IC)

Bear crawl
Lunge soccer field

Mosey to playground
Pull-ups x 10
Merkins x 15
Squats x 20

Run to Yellow Rose parking lot

Merkin walks along parking stripe to left

Pain stations:
Jump ups x10, Run to median
Burpees x5, Run to median
Squats x15

Merkin walks along parking stripe to right, per Radar’s request

LBC x20 (IC)
Russian twists 30 OYO

Mosey back to school for Hairball Q

Mosey to the track for the Beast.
-Molotov Merkins (quick steal from Metro Gaunlet BB – crowd pleaser)
-Diamond merkins
-Jump lunges


Pax work the Mary circuit whilst one runs a lap. Upon completion of the lap, choose an exercise
Dolly (YHC), Fred merc’s (Radar), J-Lo (Frasier), Parker Peter (YHC), LBC (Prohibition), Flutter a.k.a. “Scissors” (Teddy)

Wall-o-Rama for some peoples’ chair



It was a soggy morning in the gloom. Potentially some residual BRR hangovers (or real ones) left the numbers scarce. Boomer Sooner on his VQ led the pax like a vet and wasn’t rattled by mumblechatter from the usual suspects. Molotov merkins were a hit and will likely rear their ugly head again soon.

It was a pleasure leading the pax this morning. T-claps to Radar for the send-off.


Tutoring opportunity at Matthews Elementary 3:15-4:15 every other week. Contact Frasier or Champagne for details.

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