Maul plus KB Challenge Day 1

  • When:09/10/2014
  • QIC: Mic Check
  • The PAX: Haggis, Philmont, Strawberry, Loogie, FNG Over-rated, Yogurt, Rip Curl, Gomez, Ynzer, Voodoo, Parfait, Ofer, Teddy, Duncan, Checkpoint, Puppy Love, Pop, Holy Hitman, Wing Man, Long Haul, Bush, Bananas, Sunrise, Hops, Radar, Camacho, Frehley's, Heartbreaker, TR, Screech, Mic Check

Maul plus KB Challenge Day 1

Loogie and YHC arrived before 5 for the KB workout and found a larger than normal circle of fellas ready to swing.  TR and crew were beginning Day 1 of the KB challenge.  10 million swings in 3 days or something along those lines.  It was rough.

The rest of the smart men showed up at the regular time for the regular Maul thrashing.  Here’s what went down.

30 SSH

25 IWS

10 Burpees

30 hand release merkins.  TR renamed them to Voodoo Checkpoint merkins.  Picture it and you’ll get the joke.  Might be too soon, but both guys were there and got a good laugh out of it.

10 Burpees

Mosey to parking lot by the Chick

YHC called out an exercise, upon completion you are to sprint to the other end of the lot, plank, then do next exercise and sprint back.



Jump tucks


wide arm

More Burpees


mix in planks, 6 inches

mosey to lot beside target

Run to top of hill, 15 decline merkins

return for flutter

back up hill, 20 declines

Return for dolly


6 inches

mosey to speed bumps, for carioca, back pedal and sprint

mosey back home, finish with plank and elbow plank

The Ole Moleskineeey

Big group of boys showed for today’s work. Lots of guys pushing themselves hard today.  Iron sharpening iron.

Welcome back to Voodoo, Checkpoint and Long Haul.  Nice seeing them at The Maul today.  Welcome to FNG Over-rated.  He’s a Cowboys fan, enough said.

Holy Hit Man is becoming a regular SOB.  Keep posting brother.

Thanks for letting me lead today, I always try my best to make it worth it.

I know we’ll have comments, so please sound off below since this recap is pretty weak.





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