Skunkworks – Half Way

  • When:09/09/14
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Hacksaw, Tackling Dummy, Bananas, Brown, Yankee, Swiss Miss, Alf, 49er, Baraccus, Young Love, Lex Luther, Ichabod, Wabbit, Busch, Bulldog, Madison, Snowbird, High Tide, Runstopper, Bartman, Bugle Boy, TR, Brushback, Splinter, Sanka, Fletch, Harley

Skunkworks – Half Way

28 men faced down the clock at Skunkworks.

– Mosey to parking lot, alternating KB rack
– IW
– Warrior 3 pose
– 1 legged KB dead lift
– Warrior 3 pose flap jack
– 1 legged KB dead lift flap jack

The Clock / Tabata / Ciabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 sets per round
– Merkins and variations
– Goblet squats, all the way, half way
– Snatches, alternating arms
– Sprints and variations
– Curls, all the way, half way
– Swings, 2 handed and alternating
– Triceps: skullcrushers, pullovers, elbows in press mixed in with LBC and Lougainis

Mosey back to the lot

Great to lead on this beautiful morning and great to have the BRR folks back. Hopefully the sprints helped stretch the legs out a bit. Nothing too fancy, just you against the clock for 20 seconds. One of my favorite spirit and body crushing workouts. Some complaints (TR) about the curls but tried to mix it up a bit with the timing and the half way up on the merkins, curls and goblet squats (crowd pleaser).

– 9/11 convergence at Calvary on Thursday
– Young Life Mud Run, family friendly event at Whitewater Center on 9/20 (

— Harley

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High Tide
9 years ago

Nice work, Harley. “Comfortable” merkin soreness today. Mission accomplished!

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