Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

  • When:09/09/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Puppy Love, Yenser, Heart Breaker, Beaker, Zuckerberg, Margo, Patch Adams, Turnpike, Blue Soul, J R Ewing, Philmont, Market Timer, Camacho, Rotten Clam, Parfait, Garbage Plate, Dig Doug, Strawberry, Cannibal, Ofer, Cardiac, POP, Frehleys Comet, Haggis, Long Haul, Wingman, Honey Bee (Q)

Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

27 men decided to take advantage of the cool morning and get in some work in the heart of B-tyne this morning.  Thanks to some slightly suggestive workout options and a hapless tomato driving by at just the right time, it was incredible that the dollar bills weren’t raining this morning.  More on that later.

  • Mosey to Wells Fargo lot
    • SSH x 25, Lunge Forward x 5, IW x 20, Lunge Side x 5, Mtn Climbers x 20, Merkins x 10
  • Mosey past Loch Ness and down to bridge, lunge walk over bridge
  • Mosey to parking lot and commence backward run, then cease backward run and run forward to the hill across Ballantyne Corporate.
  • Hill on Ballantyne Corporate – Full Jacob’s Ladder to 7 burpees (plank it up when complete)
  • Go to entrance of office lot for Indian Run around office building ending at dock on lake
  • Split in 2 groups
    • Group 1: LBC’s
    • Group 2: Plank-o-Rama on the planks with legs on rope railing (#crowdpleaser)
    • Bonus – 10 derkins with legs on rope for good measure
    • Flapjack
  • Mosey the trail through the woods and up into parking lot
  • Commence Dirty MacDeuce (4 sets of 3 exercises with 12 sec rest between sets)
    • Set 1: Standard Merkins x 12, LBC x 12, Superman x 12
    • Set 2: Diamond Merkins x 12, Dolly x 12, Peter Parker x 12
    • Set 3: Dive Bomber Merkins (imagine a parking lot humping motion) x 12, Rosalita x 12, Parker Peter x 12
    • Wait – out of time, skip this part… Set 4: Wide Merkins x 12, Dying Cockroach x 12, Glute Bridge March x 12
  • LBJ back to start (1/2 mi.) – bonus time available to get in the dying cockroach x 12

The Naked Moleskin:

– So the call for dive bomber merkins raised some mumblechatter from the PAX.  Admittedly, the motion does resemble getting jiggy with the pavement.  What made the moment more special was that a lady in an F150 drove past just as we were in the middle of the exercise.  She got an up close view of the action and laughed her way right into work.  Amazingly no dollars were thrown our way.

–  The PAX were after it this morning and it was great to have so many men putting in the work together.  Running back to COT, YHC had the opportunity to hear the effect that F3 has had on J R Ewing and his son Vineyard.  Vineyard is entering this year of high school with a new self confidence thanks to a new level of fitness and the fellowship and faith of those within the PAX who have worked out along side him.  This is what it is about men – building stronger sons, fathers, husbands, and leaders.  This is a gift we can give to those around us each day.

– Thank you all for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men.


– Sept 20 – F3 has been asked to do warm up excercises with the participants in the 1-mile fun run at the Isabella Santos Foundation run in downtown Ballantyne.  Email if you are interested in helping out.

– Thursday Sept 11 – Convergence at The Rock (Calvary Baptist) at 5:30 – 6:15.  See website for preblast tonight.  All other Thursday workouts converge at The Rock.

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9 years ago

Really hate “hill work”. What’s worse is when the Q calls burpees on top and bottom. Nice. Nice run back with you long haul. Nice to have you back.

Long Haul
9 years ago

Thanks Wingman, I sure hated being gone, but it was certainly great being back and working out with everyone again.

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