Keep Calm and……avoid tree stumps

  • When:09/08/14
  • QIC: Stump Hugger
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Lugie, Madame Tussaud (WB), Probation, Deadlift, Gyminee (WD), Rip Curl (WD), Philmont, Iggy Shuffle, Free Clinic, Rock Thrill, Soft Pretzel, Stump Hugger

Keep Calm and……avoid tree stumps

KId Stump Steps

YHC had been putting off the VQ and the little voice said “do it” last week and before I could think twice I had a place to lead thanks to Madame Tussaud. I was excited to get to Q a bootcamp with gear! Nice fall morning with a light drizzle and a plan. Burn the shoulders and forearms and keep mumble chatter at bay.

The thang

Mosey to parking lot near field


SSH X 20
IM X 15
Squat arm circles X 20 (forward & reverse)

Mosey to turf field and circle up

Workout – Forearm Burn
Squat KB Curls X 10 (in a squat position curl KB with elbows in knees)Staggers KB Merkins X 10 (hand on KB base – 5 each arm) X 10
Squat KB Curls X 20
Staggers KB Merkins X 10
Squat KB Curls X 30
Staggers KB Merkins X 10
Squat KB Curls X 20
Staggers KB Merkins X 10
Squat KB Curls X 10
Staggers KB Merkins X 10

Bear Crawl w/t KB across the field (bear crawl and use other hand to drag kb between legs)

Plank Rows X 10 (pile KB’s up together and pax line up side by side & plank hold take one bell 5 rows each arm in plank and pass it down) Crowd Pleaser!

On your six for SEAL Sit-ups X 20 (10 count) X 10 (10 count) X 10

Called exercises:
Butterfly Sit-ups w/t bell in feet X 10
Dolly w/t press X 15
Triceps ext X 15
Flutter Press X 20
Upright Rows X 30
Clean & press X 20
Lunge w/t KB Curl X 20
Dying Cockroach X 10
Squat Curls w/t merkins X 10
Random swings (2 hang, single) X 20

I heard some mumble chatter during the SEAL sit-ups someone suggested these should be done in the water. I was sure that could be arranged if the rain came a little sooner. YHC was worried about getting the COP fouled up or better yet smoked just in 15 min. Smoked YES! It was also nice to close us out in the BOM. And most important an honor to lead the group. If I missed anything let ‘er rip in the comments.


Thursday 9/11 Convergence at The Rock – All Area 51 Thursday workouts will converge at Calvary Church, site of Saturday’s The Rock, for a 9/11 memorial convergence workout.



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Madame Tussauds
9 years ago

Great virgin Q Stump Hugger. My arms and shoulders are smoked.

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