Change of plans

  • When:09/08/2014
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Bono, Beefeater, One Eye, Hamlet, Rashard, Steinbrenner, Serengeti, Kirk, Dick Clark, Blades of Glory (BRR), Catfish, Mary Kate, Snowflake (BRR), Flutie Flakes (BRR), and Unknown LIFO

Change of plans

On a nearly perfect morning in the gloom, fifteen men posted to Carmel Park. Q’s original plan was to run hills, but out of respect for the 3 BRR guys that showed up, I audibled to less running: 3-man grinders with rocks.

The Thang:

Jog the long way around to church parking lot for warm up. SSH & IWs x15.

Run to Carmel Middle. Grab a bench. Dips x25 and Derkins x 15 or 20.

Run around school to rock pile. Form 3-man teams and choose a good sized rock.

3-man grinders – top and bottom of bus parking lot

Exercises at bottom of bus parking lot with rocks:

Squats, Overhead press, curls, Flutter with rock press, Freddy Mercury with rock press, Squat press

Exercises at top:

Merkins, Mountain climbers, LBCs, Lunges, Burpees

Return rocks – while waiting, Boone LBCs x10 each side, SSH x20

Backward mosey to first speed bump / car interruption. Mosey back to Carmel Park.

3 minutes of Mary – LBCs and Freddy Mercury, 1-minute left – 6 inches



With Skywalker still on IR, I picked this up last night, so minimal planning.  Original plan had us heading back over to Pellyn Wood, but when I heard that a few guys posted after BRR, that just didn’t feel right.  So instead, we ran 3-man grinders with rocks.  #youvsyou #paceyourself

That parking lot is just about perfect distance for grinders, and we hit pretty much every muscle group with 2-3 sets of each exercise.  Total of only about 2.5 miles.

We had a LIFO on the mosey back when someone turned off onto Thornridge.  Shout out in the comments for credit.


Sign ups still open for the Fall mud run.  Do it.

Tutoring opportunities at Billingsville, AG, and new to A51, Matthews Elementary.

Check the website.

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8 years ago

Thanks for the audible! That was my first BRR, and I loved it.
My legs were calling for a fart sack, so it was good to get a solid workout without hills.

Flutie Flakes
8 years ago

Great Q Kirk but one correction. I was not a BRR. Guy. But I appreciated the “no hills” call.

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