Total Arm Failure

  • When:09/06/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Far side Turnpike Gumbo Cold cuts Snowbird Old tannenbaum O-fer Iron horse Floor slapper Puppy love Way man Big league chew Deep dish Madison Tad pole Lobster role Flipper FNG - Corner Man

Total Arm Failure

Excellent morning to enjoy arm failure. I mean its a convergence and without our many bRR brothers so I figured running was a mute point. So I set out with one task in mind total arm failure

The thang

SSH x25
Burpees x20 OYO
Imperial walker x25
Burpees x15 OYO
Wide Mirkens x15
Burpees x10 OYO
Mountain climbers x20
Burpees x5 OYO
Mirkens x15
Burpees x10 OYO
Diamond Mirkens x10
Burpees x15 OYO
Slow prisoner squat x20
Burpees x20 OYO

Mosey to front of church, wall sits for 5 mins – while performing arm raises in cadence x125

Gain composure and move as a unit to the rock pile. Grab a respectable size rock. Line up three rows deep facing the Q.

Jack Webb with your rock
1 Mirken, 4 arm raises with rock
2 Mirkens, 8 arm raises with rock
3 Mirkens. 12 arm raises with rock
Continue until 12 Mirkens and 48 arm raises with rock

Mosey to soccer field pavilion.
3 rounds of following:
25 Jump ups
25 dirkens
25 dips

Clean tables

Mosey to kitty litter
Split group into opposite sides of volleyball court
Bear crawl
Wounded bear crawl
Seal crawl
Duck walk
Cap off with a partner wheel barrow

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