• When:09/03/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Sunrise, Brush back, Strawberry, Voodoo, Freely Comet, Soft Pretzel, Mic Check, Gumbo, Holy Hit man, Camacho, Group Thrill, Lugie, Gomez, Deacon, Pop, Outback, Puppylove, Parfait, Yogurt, Mr. Freeze, Beaker, Philmont


24 men gathered in the parking lot of Stonecrest near the movie ‘house’ for a lil’ DownPainment 

The Thang’
• SSH x50
• Burpees x20 OYO
• Imperial Walkers x25
• Burpees x15 OYO
• Wide Mirkens x15
• Burpees x10 OYO
• Mountain Climbers x20
• Burpees x 5 OYO
• Diamond Mirkens x10
• Burpees x10 OYO
• Prisoner Squat x25
• Burpees x15
• LBC x25
• Burpees x20

Number off to 3 for three man grinders man #1 runs 100 yard between #2 and #3, tag #2, #1 performs said exercise while waiting on next tag. Mirkens for 10 Minutes then Squats for 5 minutes.

Partner up Wheelbarrows 100 yards – flap Jack
Repeat 50 yards – Flapjack

Indian Run to start.


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Mic Check
9 years ago

Typed on here this workout doesn’t look like much, but don’t be fooled. As always Run brought it and with his usual great energy.
We also had a good group of 8 KBers at 5.

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