Beast Mode at Olympus

Beast Mode at Olympus

13 Non BRR guys posted for an epic beat down at Olympus on Saturday…every other station alternated between cardio and heavy weight. The perfect combo for functional strength and power all in one.

 Warm up:

SSH with KB in Left Hand x 20 in cadence

SSH with KB in Right Hand x 20 in cadence

KB Swing x 50

Jumping Squats with KB x 20

GEAR INSANITY: Stations Include:

1) 50Ft Fire Hose Drag 100 Yards

2) Side-to-Side Over Head Squat Thrusts with 75lbs Sandbag

3) Jump Rope Non-Stop

4) Weighted Sled Pull 80 Yards

5) Soccer Ball Dribble Around Cones 80 Yards

6) 35Lbs Plate Hair Burners 50 Yards

7) 88Lbs Kettle Bell Dead Lifts Non-Stop

8) Parachute Sprint 150 Yards

9) 115Lbs Barbell Clean Snatch Press Non-Stop

10) 200 Meter Sprint

11) Medicine Ball Squat Thrusts with Throws (one bounce)

12) Rope Pull Ups Non-Stop

13) Sledge Hammer Around the Worlds

14) Bicep Curls with Dumbbells

Rounds of  Pax PAIN and Sled Pulls x 13

– Pax 1 Calls out KB exercise, then pulls weighted sled 80 yards

– When Pax 1 gets back, hands sled off to Pax 2, and Pax 2 calls out exercise

– Team Pax performs whatever exercise is called out non-stop until Sled comes back

– Exercises called out: Goblet Squats, Merkin/Man Makers, Tricep Extensions, Bicep Curls, Snatch, Single Arm Alt Press, KB Swing, LBC with KB Press, Flutter with KB Press, Dolly with KB Press, Diamond Merkins on Bell and Upright Rows w KB



I titled this one Beast Mode for a reason.  Quite simply put…I’ve been so impressed with all the workouts F3 has to offer!  Over the past 1.5 years we’ve learned there is a niche for everyone’s taste buds, so men can go to sites that offer up the kind of workout they are looking for.  To date however (other than Day Zero at time…when Radar and Haze bring out those sandbags or Diamond Head when Byron and Nibbler bring the gear) have I left an hour long workout completely destroyed.  This is the staple that we’ve created at Olympus over the past 10 months.  Beast Mode is on another Strongman/Cardo/Strength level and the men that posted today absolutely Crushed it out there.  As Q, it is incredibly rewarding to see guys give it their all…that today was a representation of that Herculean effort on everyone’s part.

However, one thing to point out, Hacker may have the strongest groin in the world as being O2 deprived, he strapped on the sled straps wrong and pulled the weighted sled 80 yards with his pelvic region…unreal…lol.

Again, thank you for posting with us and it is an honor to lead such a strong group of me.

Respectfully, The Hoff


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9 years ago

Thanks for leading on Saturday, Hoff. The pain stations with all the gear made it a unique workout and a good alternative to the non-stop BRR training that seems to be so popular these days (only one more week).

Thanks to all the Pax for the warm welcome of my buddy from out of town (FNG Beancounter). When I told him we would hit a workout Saturday morning, I don’t think he imagined anything like this.

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