Down Goes Q

  • When:08/23/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Lumberg, Boomer (resp), A-Bomb, Whitesnake, Moon River, Lennox (resp), Up State, Goon, Bubbles, Banjo, Furley (resp), Fireman Ed (Q)

Down Goes Q

12 brave souls skipped on fart sacking to face a beat down in the gloom, and one almost didn’t make it back. Of course that one was the Q when trying to demonstrate the exercise slipping and falling.  Have fun in the comments and yes bb is a little late.



The Thang:


Warm up:  Two laps around the track

25 X SSH, 10 X merkins On Your Own, 20 X IW, 10 X CDD OYO,  20 X squats,  10 X wide arm Merkins OYO, 20 X MC 10 X CDD OYO


Mosey back to the track:

Round 1

10 X pull-ups, 15 X Dips, 15 X step ups and one lap around the track

Plank when done

Round 2 repeat



Long mosey to the Football Field circle up:


Mary: 20 X Freddy Mercury, 20 X Sid the Kid (10 each way) 20 X roslita


The Q’s favorite Jack Webb

1 X Merkin, 4 X air presses, 2 X Merkins, 8 air presses and so on up to 8 X merkins and 32 X air presses.




Line up for some cone drills, eight cones set up in two squares 15 yards between cones.  Run to first cone, backwards run to next, then shuffle between, forward sprint, shuffle to next square and repeat.  Then finish up with 10 jump squats and sprint to starting line


Repeat again with karaoke, instead of shuffle.


While demonstrating the clumsy Q slips and falls and hurts himself.  Should have listened to Alf and did a convergence with Olympus


Divide up into two groups each gets its own set of squares,

Relay races backwards run, shuffle, sprint fwd, shuffle next person go.

First round everyone does merkins while they wait and LBCs when finished.

Team 1 won round 1 but being the good people that that they are decided to do 5 burpess with the losers


Repeat the race, two more times and both times team 1 was supper gracious and joined losing team 2 with 5 burpees.


Mosey to the field in between the base ball fields,

15 yards of bear crawl and 15 yards of crab walks, then repeat back to starting line,


Head to the school for two sets of the peoples chair.


The end:




Another excellent job by the pac but not such a great job by the Q.  I met a several new faces out there today always enjoyable; thank you all for letting me lead always an honor.




Mud run still open


Still looking for drivers for Blue Ridge Relay vans

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9 years ago

YOU ARE (were) NOT ALONE. I think Furley was nursing a bum leg, and my knee did this cool little PING! thing on that first shuffle. Limped the rest of the day; was more-or-less on IR until today.

How are you doing? Quad recovering OK?

Reply to  Fireman Ed
9 years ago

Good to hear, and thanks. Thanks also for recommending Meathead. Gonna give it a go next week, I think.

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