Skunkworks – KBs and Burning Hair

  • When:08/26/14
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Crabcake, Ichobod, Wabbit, Simba, Jamboree, Lex Luther, Tackling Dummy, High Tide, Sussudio, Puddin' Pop, Chanel, Brown, Bulldog, Cottonmouth, Stone Cold, Swiss Miss, Harley

Skunkworks – KBs and Burning Hair

17 men chose to forego BRR prep or merkin mania and take on the skunk. Our plan was simple – go hard, carry KBs, burn hair.

Warm Up
– Imperial walkers
– Good mornings
– 10 two-handed swings
– 40 burpees on your own

Farmer Carries
– Break up into teams of 3, bring 2 KBs
– Partner #1: farmer carry 2 KBs in big loop around church
– Partners #2 & #3: 10 merkins, chase, switch

Hairburners near the stairs in parking lot
– Partner #1: hairburners
РPartner #2: two-handed swings
– Partner #3: LBCs
– Rotate through six stations of plates

Hill Suicides at bottom of parking lot
– Group 1: suicide runs to 1st curb and back, 2nd curb and back and road and back
– Group 2: KB snatches (round 1), goblet squat and press (round 2), curls/triceps (round 3)

Finish Up
– Groups of 3 take plates back to parking lot: KB farmer carries, hairburners, 10 merkins, rotate between members

Great work out there today. Loved the cool weather and chatter. 40 burpees for 40 years, feeling much better than when I was 30 thanks to F3. Hoping that I am still killing it when I’m 50 like Sussudio (although I can’t keep up with him now)! Thanks to Crabcakes for getting the plates delivered. There were some moans when we finished the farmer’s carry to find the plates waiting in the parking lot. Hairburners are tough to beat! Looking forward to having the BRR crew back in 2 weeks.

– Harley

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9 years ago

Harley, I decided to forego the BRR training to honor your 40th Birthday Q. I didn’t appreciate you helping us celebrate it with the 40 burpees.
Thanks for being such a consistent leader and for you (and Hops)EHing me a couple of years back. My back and joints appreciate it too now that I’m a little lighter…..
Also, I want to reiterate the announcement you made about the Young Life Mud Run on September 20. It’s a wonderful family event raising money for a great cause –

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