Upper Body Assault in the Foxhole

  • When:08/25/2014
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Philmont, Madame Tussauds, Gyminee, Wingman, Market Timer, Free Clinic, Icky Shuffle, Rip Curl, Honey Bee (Q)

Upper Body Assault in the Foxhole

9 men chose chest over quads, biceps over calves, and brawn over speed today by entering the Foxhole.  With all the #BRR prep going on these days, it was time for a good old fashioned upper body assault.  Target achieved.

Here’s The Thang:

Jog around parking lot to shake off the late August chill

Warm-up COP in front of school

– SSH x 30

– Front lunges x 5 each leg

– IW x 25

– Side lunges x 5 each leg

– Merkins x 20

– Mountain Climbers x 20

– Back lunges x 5 each leg

LBJ w/ KB to parking lot by the fields

– 2 arm swing x 10

– 1 arm clean x 5 per side

– 1 arm high pulls x 5 per side

– Peter parker Merkins (one hand on bell) x 5 per side

– 2 arm swing x 20

– 1 arm clean x 10 per side

– 1 arm high pulls x 10 per side

– Peter parker Merkins (one hand on bell) x 10 per side

– 2 arm swing x 30

– 1 arm clean x 15 per side

– 1 arm high pulls x 15 per side

– Peter parker Merkins (one hand on bell) x 15 per side (actually forgotten in the lot and later inserted after the farmer carry)

Partner up (KB size matters) for partner farmer carry / catch me if you can

– Partner 1 run with both bells, Partner 2 hand release merkins x5 and catch partner

– head up to field and around field stopping on near side line

On field keep 2 bells

– Partner 1 jackknife with KB, Partner 2 caraoka half way and jog out the rest, caraoka half way back and jog out rest

– Partner 1 Russian Twist, Partner 2 run to other side and back

– Partner 1 Flutter with KB press, Partner 2 run to other side and back

Mosey back to parking lot

– Oh there is still time… 5 burpees on your own


Ye Moleskin:

– There were a bunch of beasts out in the gloom this morning.  The mumblechatter was at a minimum because these guys came to do work.  However, YHC could count on the #baldbrother (Market Timer) for a bit of chatter to keep things light (something was needed ’cause those bells were heavy).

– Welcome to relative newcomers Gyminee, Free Clinic, and Icky Shuffle.  YHC has unfortunately had spotty attendance the last few months, but it is great to have a new set of regulars out in the gloom.  Keep on killing it out there brothers!  I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming weeks.

– Cotters to Philmont who is just one week out from his expedition through his namesake local.  Awesome accomplishment and it is good to have you back in the gloom!  Cotters also to Wingman who is fresh off vacation and living the good life.  That burn is the welcome back gift from us to you.  You’re welcome.

– A special cotters to Rip Curl who is just back from Saudi Arabia.  It is not likely there was much surfing to be had, but it seems like it was quite an experience.  Welcome back to the cool, sandless gloom.

– Thanks brothers for the opportunity to lead.  I am always grateful to have this group to workout alongside.


– Next Monday is Labor Day.  Foxhole is on regular hours (we are just obstinant like that) but the rest of Area 51 will be converging (somewhere).  More info to come in the next days.

– September 20 there is a 5k/10k/1-mile fun run in Ballantyne to benefit the Isabella Santos Foundation.  F3 will be leading the warmup for the kids prior to the 1-mile fun run.  Email jlevins9@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining us.   http://www.isabellasantosfoundation.com/5k-race-fun-run/

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9 years ago

excellent Q. had to take some rep-pause during the bell merkins on the forgotten 15 batch. Always fun to return to a KB workout for first one back.

Mr. Bean
9 years ago

I am dreading my return tomorrow after a two week vacation…

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