Pre-Blast: Return to DMZ: A three-peat beatDown

  • When:08/25/14
  • QIC: Snoop
  • The PAX: F3StuDDawgs, FNGs

Pre-Blast: Return to DMZ: A three-peat beatDown

Just when you thought is was safe to post DMZ for a lazy river workout…tha SnoopTown Q blazes back to DMZ territory. Post Monday 0530 to get a Metro-sized beat-down…plenty of upper body exercises to pump up your chest and shoulders. Pax will travel 2.5 – 3miles to get your heart pumping and legs moving. Don’t forget Mary, she will be there too. YHC has several surprises and a hype attitude to keep it real…nasty! Barkin’ and growlin’ is appreciated from all you stuDDawgs…so bring it!


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