Drop Thrill drops the bomb on Outland

  • When:08/23/14
  • QIC: Drop Thrill & Horsehead
  • The PAX: Drop Thrill (QIC), Horsehead (QIC), Boondock (2.0), Dream, Miracle Gro (FNG), Electric Slide, Flea (2.0), Zipadee, Countertop, EE, Glass Joe, Hairband, Belly Flop (2.0), Bartman, Donut Hole, Turnpike, The Late Show, Thirsty (2.0), Spongebob (FNG 2.0), Winger (FNG)

Drop Thrill drops the bomb on Outland

As some of you know I’ve been waging a war on fat and the fat man has been disappearing slowly but surely. As I approached the 40 lb. weight loss mark, I told a few guys at Outland I wanted to Q after I reached 40.

With my first GORUCK Light a few weeks ago, last week’s 1 year anniversary of Outland’s launch, my virgin Q had to be pushed off a bit. Still, 40 was a nice round number and I borrowed and modified a workout of Dora’s from 2013 that involved lots of 40’s.

Run to shovel flag

40 IW
30 Squats
20 SSH
10 Parker Peters (in honor of the hilarity from Zip’s Q last week)

10 LBC
20 Carolina Dry Dock
30 LBC (what again?)
40 Squats (where did this Q come from?)

Run to buses

Time to climb and descend the ladder. This will all add up to 40 of each exercise.

Ladder: 2,4,6,8,8,6,4,2 (One round of each exercise then move up/down the ladder)

Step Ups
Squat/Hold/Jump or Star Jumps

Next up

40 Second People’s Chair
Run the school buses (about 1/3 way down the row of buses)
40 Second People’s Chair with air presses
Run the school buses (about ½ way down the row)

At this point I handed the reigns over to Horse Head. Thanks Horse for the 44 LBC’s or whatever they were at the end in my honor (44 lbs. down as of today). I was smoked at that point, no idea what we did by the end.

Just a quick thanks too all the men of F3 and the founders. Been an amazing 5 months in F3, can’t wait to see myself after a full year. DT Out!

Horsehead Q (for posterity, not that anyone cares)

Long, dysfunctional, Double Applesauce run to the practice field. More of a group mosey/weave thing with an eclectic vibe to it.

Various Ark Loader events – forwards and backwards Bear Crawls and Crab Walks back and forth across the field with mixed in squats and mountain climbers and little recovery. Lots of Lounge Walking going on towards the end, so we stopped that. Also threw in some various runs and sprints for variety. #crowdpleaser

Next event was P1 AMRAP alternating sets of merkins and LBCs while P2 takes a long lap around the baseball field – outside the fence. Flapjack.

Round 2 was P1 alternating sets of burpees and mountain climbers while P2 does the lap. Flapjack.

Running out of time – some LBCs, Planks, and 44 Bicycles to close it out.

Posted by Horsehead on behalf of Drop Thrill

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Nice smokefest Horse, I was certainly smoked.

Thanks for the chance to Q, it was an honor to lead.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Great work out there guys! Proud of you DT, you have come a long way!

I’m still thinking GJ, Turnpike and I (& Bellyflop) were the only ones counting per leg step ups or the other PAX were using that new math junk. You guys were done way to quick!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Yeah, I think new math was certainly in play. On the bus run too.

I’m still feeling the squats this a.m. Who in the world decided 70 squats in COP was a good idea?

The Late Show
The Late Show
9 years ago

Solid workout! Nice work DT and HH!!

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