Amazeballs – Mud Run training

  • When:08/23/14
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Gullah, Tackling Dummy, Bulldog, Quint, Ickey Shuffle, High Tide, Harley, Voodoo, & Alf (Q)

Amazeballs – Mud Run training

So some of you woke up this morning and went to Outland for I am sure a great VQ roller coaster ride.  Some of you went to the Rock, hoping a plan would come together.  Still other’s went to A51 and chased Frasier around like he was the bunny and you were a grey hound (here’s a tip: the bunny always wins).  A solid group forgot it was Saturday and woke up early to hit Stonehenge.  Fireman Ed was afraid I would spill beer on him, so he took a posse out to Ascent.  Finally, 5 guys who felt guilty because they ask Haze to do their taxes for free, joined him at Day Zero for the following workout (certainly written on poster board, and not actually led by a person):  Lift up the sand bag, run, put down sand bag.  Then do endless calf raises because it might make us taller.  And let’s not discuss the fartsackers and last minute vacationers who didn’t make it out…

Finally, 9 men rose up for the Mud Run Style Training.  You’ll regret you missed it come October 4. Here’s how it went down:

So remember back in 1987 when Tommy Lee’s upside down drum solo (see 4:00 mins in and a bit dicey on the language) was the most awesome thing you ever thought possible.  Yeah, well we just went well past that at Olympus this morning.

The Thang:

A little warm up with SSH, IW, and 50 KB swings on your own.  On the SSH don’t drop your hands below the shoulders before going back up to isolate the shoulders a bit more.

Partner up for CMIYC Farmer’s Carry with 10 Merkins before the chase.  Take it all the way to thoe top of Mt. Olympus.  Leave them there.  Run down Mt. Olympus and off onto the neighborhood trail and follow it to the park.  On the way there we did some burpees, weaves under the split rail fence, plank walked across 2 bridges and did squats, lunges, & jump squats while we waited for the six.

At the park 4 groups, incline merkins, dips, donkey kicks, and up and over the monkey bars.  No not across them, up and over the middle, mud run style.

Similar work on the return to the base of Mt. Olympus with a little off trail hops down and over the creek.

AYG up Mt. Olympus and back to the Bells.  CMIYC back to Elizabeth Ln with 10 squats before the chase.

Back at the parking lot for 4 stations.  88lb KB dead lift and carry, medicine ball bounce, fire hose drag, an 200 meter sprint.  Stay with partner and partner does KB exercise, Merkins, or planks while waiting.

Time for a little Mary:  20 Greg Louganis on your own and some glute bridges.


YHC had a great time this morning leading such a fine group of men.  It was a fun workout and there is probably another hour of work left on the weinke.  I’ll pull it out again a few weeks prior to Mud Run if The Hoff and Gullah will have me.  I’ll also give everyone who’s jealous they missed it a little more heads up so they can plan appropriately

Everyone killed it out there today, but the DFQ award goes to Ickey Shuffle.  After the 2nd way too long farmer’s carry the leaders dropped the bells back at the base and went back to pick up the six, still 150 yards out we offered to help.  Ickey Shuffle says “I got this.”  Perfect attitude brother.

Byron provided the toys for today – gracias.

Tackling Dummy with the send off – many thanks.


Look for convergences the next two weekends due to Labor Day and BRR.

Driver’s and alternate runners wanted for BRR – talk to Baracus

Harley turns 40 on Sunday.  He’s got a lot of burpees coming in 2 weeks.


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9 years ago

It was amazeballs! Had a blast and got totally smoked on Mt Olympus. Workout lived up to the preblast and that’s saying something. Solid work Alf.

9 years ago

Amazeballs? Wow. You must have teenage girls.

9 years ago

Great Q Alf, good all around workout incorporating cardio and strength variations. Great to have several site FNG’s out there as well! Of course you can have the Q before the mud run to finish what you had planned.

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
9 years ago

Looks like Hoff and I missed a good one. It sure beats getting’ up at 3 am to post at
SPEARHEAD Greenville with logs non the less. Looks like you covered some new territory.

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