Man, F^%# That Bird!

  • QIC: Lee
  • The PAX: Hitman, Nibbler, Ice-9, Stinger, Double Eagle, Coop Dog, Foreclosure, Red Warrior, Booty Call, Nabisco, Pisgah, Foghorn, Titan, Tataka, Rocky Top, Lee

Man, F^%# That Bird!

16 men grabbed their kettlebells, embraced the soupy Gloom and got their weekend off to a good start at Combine.  This is what we did…

The Thang:

Farmer Carry/Partner Chase.  Partner up!  Partner A lugs both kettlebells, Partner B knocks out 7 diamonds and gives chase.  Switch when B catches A.  Repeato until you hit DES tennis court parking lot (long way).  Flutters for early arrivals.

5×4, Round 1:  5 minutes to execute AMRAP with 4 exercises (swings x10, push presses x5/5, rows x5/5, goblet squats x10…repeato until you hear the beep).  Plank 1 minute.

Mosey to tennis courts for sprints, Round 1:  5 AYGs across length of 5 courts.

5×4, Round 2:  AMRAP of snatches x5/5, racked backward lunges x5/5, thrusters x10, diamonds x10.  Plank 1 minute (including LH/LL high and RH/RL high).

Sprints, Round 2:  4 down-and-back AYGs across length of 5 courts.

5×4, Round 3:  AMRAP of one-arm swings x5/5, sumo high pulls x10, curls x10, xfit burpees x10.  Plank 1 minute (mostly on elbows or at “6 inches”).

Sprints, Round 3:  AYGs of varying lengths (1-2-3-2-1) across length of 5 courts.

Finish at bells with 20 swings, 10 rows, 5 burpees…


Naked Moleskin:

Soup’s On!  With the humidity at 150% (#approximate) this morning, it felt downright swampy out there (even in SFox’s absence).  Stinger and Ice-9 ran 2 laps of the park as pre-warm-up (#BRRprep), and Stinger looked like he had jumped into a pool before we got started.  Much longing for the some humidity-free days of fall…

Intro of 5x4s.  Thought these made a solid debut at Combine.  (I had originally planned these as a 4 minute exercise — the 4×4, which rolls off the tongue easier but wasn’t as tough a test for Combine — before adding the extra minute of pain.)  Not a lot of mumblechatter after the first minute of each round, though there was an occasional BS to YHC (#holla) and some random outbursts from unexpected members of the Pax, including the title to this backblast via Coop Dog (#heynow).  (Not sure what that was about except maybe the cheerfulness of the bird’s chatter was too much for Coop to bear in the grind of the 5x4s.)  No spilled merlot (#thankfully) but a few close calls.  Good work all around, with P.S. shout out to Rocky Top who was leading the field for just about every sprint.  #respect(thespeed)(butnotthebell)

Shameless Plugs.  F3 Connect (check it out).  Billingsley/AG (check the website for updates on after school mentoring/tutoring opportunities).  Let Me Run (ditto).

Thanks, BF, for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Always a privilege and a pleasure.


“The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.” — Swami Vivekananda

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