But It Goes to 11

  • When:08/21/14
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Sensei, Slimfast, Big Pappy (WD), Clunking, Hacker, Swiss Miss, Insomniac, Remington Steele, Tommy Boy, Dunder, Geordi, Freedom, Snakebite, Drop Thrill, Whitesnake, Pele, Hopper, Jelly Fish, Geraldo

But It Goes to 11

19 PAX climbed out of their fartsacks and posted at Peak 51

The Thang;


  • Side Straddle Hop x 30
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • IW x 15
  • Merkins x 15

Four Corners
Move to the track and run 1 lap completing the called exercise at each corner. After each lap complete the the following set of exercises:

  • Merkins x11
  • Squats x 11
  • LBCs x 11
  • Lap 1- CDD x 11
  • Lap 2- Hand Release Merkins x 11
  • Lap 3- 11 LBCs
  • Lap 4- 11 Wide Arm Merkins

Circuit Work

Mosey to the baseball field bleachers for some circuit work

  • Incline Merkins x 11
  • Dips x 11
  • Lunges x 12 (Okay, so we rounded up here)
  • Repeato for a total of 4 circuts

The People’s Chair

Mosey to the school wall for “The Semi Gloss”

  • Round 1- Arms out
  • Round 2- Arm raises x 15


Ten minutes left so return to the parking lot for Mary

  • Dolly x 15
  • Rosalita x 15
  • Flutter x 10
  • 30 seconds left, finish strong with Merkins AYG

The Moleskin:

  • Strong work by the PAX today, they got a good start on the Merkin challenge today, 180 total before completing many as they could in the last 30 seconds
  • After Q’ng Basecamp earlier in the week with Whitesnake and Tawny, YHC was inspired to keep the 80’s Rock theme going with today’s workout and taking it to 11 a la Spinal Tap. Thanks to the PAX for indulging YHC.
  • There wasn’t a lot of mumble chatter in the Gloom, but a whole lot of grunting an O2 deprivation. Although Slimfast tried to get the PAX to provide some but to no avail.
  • Whitesnake mentioned that after so many merkins he started wishing for some running #BeCarefulWhatUWhish4
  • Slimfast chimed in about YHC’s rhythmically challenged cadence #MetronomeRequired
  • The circuit work between laps came back to actually bite YHC after stumbling upon some fire ants.
  • Thank you Insomniac for taking us out
  • Sound of with any mumble chatter. As always it is an honor and privilege to lead, thank you.

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Come on Geraldo we know you just wanted to pull a #chippendale. 😉

Great Q, I’m certainly seeing progress as the first time I posted and had a similar workout to endure from Stone Cold, I was smoked before I finished the first lap.

9 years ago

Oddly, the original Spinal Tap script went:

NIGEL: How many more Merkins could we do? None. None more Merkins.

Rob Reiner scrapped it, tho. What a meathead.

Anyway, glad Tawny and I could provide some inspiration there, Geraldo. Maybe next we can arrange for a fleet of Jaguars for circuit work?

Also: need a new exercise. “Prairie Fire Ant”. Remove shirt, twist and shout, slap self repeatedly about the midsection. Civilian count.

In closing, loved this Q. Toughest one yet? Methinks it might have been.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Oh sure, you pull out the 80’s rock theme without me. I’m glad White snake was at least there because you can’t have 80’s rock without a Hair Band!

Reply to  Hair Band
9 years ago

In the still of the Gloom I hear the PAX howl, honey, counting one-two-three-four…
In the still of the Gloom I hear my heart beat heavy, tellin’ me I gotta have more…

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Hair Band you would’ve been Howling at the Moon and flying like a Bat Out Of Hell at all the running we did.

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